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I love Max's Restaurant, there's no denying that. It's not just because it is the house that fried chicken (wee fried chicken!!!) built; but also because Max's has the most awesome bakery too! I mean, there's always room for more cake!

So last month, I got to hang out with my friends from Max's at an exclusive advanced screening of their new Max's ambassador, Coco Martin's movie, A Moment in Time. It's a love flick, which I know everyone will agree with me to, be best capped off with something sweet and creamy and delectable and okay, I'm craving now. Do you have a sweet tooth yourself? Jump!
Our private little evening with Max's was a post-Valentine's occasion, in a way. They gave us their oh-so-yummy Red Velvet Cupcakes... frankly, I couldn't get enough. For cupcake lovers, you should know that Max's Corner Bakery's cupcakes are moist and has the right amount of sweetness that blends (and melts perfectly well with the most amazing cream cheese frosting I've ever tried!

Just look at that beautiful thing!

But Max's Corner Bakery, as it had wowed me beforehand, completely floored and took over my bearings with this absolutely amazing Chocolate Truffle Cake! It's so-so-so-so-so-so good! Words will never be enough, and frankly, words are unnecessary in the presence of this darling treat. For Valentine's 2013, they came up with heart-shaped ones! True enough, anyone gifted with this cake would find joy in a box! Max's Corner Bakery goodies are amazing gifts, I tell you!

Ahh... as I type this blog post, I feel my appetite pleading for a case of Max's dining! Fortunately, aside from having wonderful food and dessert selections, Max's also has a delightful food delivery service--with value for money food sets to boot! 

So yes, I love Max's. I can imagine more memories built with Max's appetizing and warm-hearted meals in the background. How about you?

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Where's your favorite dining place?

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  1. i love their cake rolls lalo na yung strawberry flavor! =)

  2. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever! I wish England had Max's as their food looks delicious, xoxo.


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