REVIEW: My "Venician" Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa Lemon Twist Experience

I don't know a single soul who doesn't want to go to Italy. I've never been but judging by the photos, the movies, the art and the stories that the place inspired, I am sure it'a a place worthy of at least one escape per lifetime. 

But for those who can't wait, or for the lucky ones who miss it, Venice Mall at The Fort, Mc Kinley seems to exude the Sicilian vibe. If not, it is very much inspired by the historic mecca of artistry--just check out their plaza.

This is very interesting too. I think it's a cute twist.

Aside from lovers who would like to stroll, Venice also has a playground for the tykes. :) It's a very quiet, windy and peaceful mall.

The time I visited, there was a mini flea market. Unfortunately, I didn't like a lot of what was sold--mostly fake make-up, fake perfume and some flea clothes. I did however buy three things from this stall. A parrot ring, a sunflower bling and a ribbon earrings, total of Php280, not bad?

But the reason I went to Venice (yesssss), was Posh Nails. Thanks so much Cat and Tita Mayette for having me.

Here's what the store window looks like. Looks so big right?!

The store was full when I came in. I usually come early on my schedule because I hate being late (for anything). I was roughly 20-30 mins early and it did come handy because the spa was FULL. There were only four of them, or five? and people just kept on coming. I'm glad I came early else I might have fought for my appointment if I was late! This is the cute flower seat that accommodated me while waiting.

Like in my previous visit at Posh Nails, here, here, here and here, I get so fan-girl over Posh Nails decor. They're always so girly and pink--and very consistent to a soft, delicate and feminine home vibe. I don't know what this is but it reminded me of stargazer lilies... and I love those!

They also have a display of nail art to choose from, to those who would like some funky designs on their tips. The photo of Valerie Concepcion isn't a coincidence too because the Fort branch is her mom's.

Of all things on display, this was what I wanted the most. I forgot the name... but this smells so good I tell you! SO GOOD.

Anyway, here's a peek on their royal sofas. :)

As Posh Nails is known for, they don't asl extra charge for signature polish and this time I chose from their new collection of Missha lacquers.

I don't have lots of pictures especially when my hands got pampered... because I can't hold my camera right, haha but just so everyone knows, I got the Lemon Twist treatment. Ha! I felt so cool because the moment my treatment begun, the invigorating scent of the lemon scrub filed the entire room! :)

Lemon Twist is their new themed service. It involves a soak, (include a foot spa for the feet), scrub, mani/pedi and massage. It's an all-in-one pampering experience--that smells so good! Of all the themed services I've tried, I think this scrub brings home the most delicious scent award.

Lemons as you know help clarify the skin--and because you get your dose of C's, it can also help the skin recover from stress. Add the factor of exfoliation in, and you get maximum benefits from your foot/hand spa.

For my hands, since I was going to watch Lisa Macuja's Swan Song in the evening, I wanted delicate color and very feminine nail art. I opted to try their nail stamp service and I am very satisfied. :) Just compare how classy my plain baby pink polish turned out after receiving fluttering butterfly wings.

I can only keep short nails as my nails are very brittle--and nail art such as these help me maximize what I've got. :)

Super pretty right? You should try it!

:) I'm proud of my nail tech cause she was such an expert of what she's doing! Zero mistakes--I can't do that!

For their complete list of services and to those who want the pricelist, like their FB page and I believe you can request from the admin. :)
Always smile! :)

So... what's next from K?... not really next, but what went by.

Later that evening I went and saw Philippines first and only (?) prima-ballerina dance Swan Lake. Aww she's so cute and she cried after taking her bow. It's so touching. She's showcasing her talent through a 3-yr show prior her formal retirement as a ballerina!

The line was so long going out the theater!

>_< photo bomb haha

I love my friends. I always feel like I'm home when I'm with these people. Sadly, on the same evening I lost my white gold bracelet (so new! Just got it as my mom's gift when we launched the business last Aug.6 and stupid me lost it!!! along with my highschool star charm >_< oh welllllll hay,....)


  1. yieee, ang saya! nanuod kayo ng Swan Lake!!!

  2. The nail salon looks so cozy! Your nail prints are truly pretty. I need some pampering too! Must try this soon. :)


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