Beauty Swap: Love Swag #1 from The Sneakerette part II

Here's another post about some of the things I got from my swap with Sneakerette. Click here for part 1.

I love brushes, I think everybody knows that! I always try to find the best and the cutest brush out there... mostly online since locally not much brush companies are open. The cutest brush brand there is I know here in the Philippines are the Charm brushes which offers the cutest pink brushes--other than Charm, the rest would be designer (most of which can sometimes be unreasonably expensive.

So imagine my delight when I saw this explosion of cuteness for the first time!

I'm confused whether to hold it up to sing with (it looks like a microphone!) or to eat it (it's like a snow-covered lollipop!).

It was my first time to hear about Real Techniques products so I may simply conclude that this item made my E's swap a major touchdown. It opened my eyes to a wide variety of choices and I'm grateful for the introduction. The brush above is from a line designed by Sarah Chapman, and here are other brushes she designed for Real Techniques.

I love where she's coming from: on the taklon brushes, The bristles are mega-soft (so for those who don't want to look to made up especially against hard lighting, soft touches are the key) and gentle (great for those with sensitive skin), and because they're 100% synthetic, the brushes are also 100% cruelty-free.

Duo-Fiber brushes are my super favorite because with brushes such as these, you get to achieve a polished and airbrushed finish every time. Since I can't afford an airbrush set yet (and I think I shouldn't buy one cause, well, what for?) "airbrush" brushes are the tools to boot.

My next favorite thing about the bristles is the handle. I love the metallic pink of the line's signature name against the velvety black of the brush's body.

For being handy, multi-functional and exceptionally adorable, this is a hands-down. It's a superb finishing brush, a "relaxing--by relaxing I mean I can fall asleep while using this" powder brush, and of course, a soft blush applicator. Thanks for this Eileen!

Always smile! :)

So... what's next from K? The rest of the brushes she got me:

But not the ELF eyeshadow brush anymore cause when I took it out of the pack, the ferrule separated from the wooden handle! I had to super glue it together! So cowboy. :)

It looks pretty fine now though. I got to use it twice and washed it twice, so far my super-glue is still working. :)

From afar, it looks as if nothing's wrong! But in fairness to it, the hairs are soft!


  1. I'm glad you like the Real Techniques brush! I've had three blush brushes before (Sephora, Ecotools, Real Techniques) and this one is my absolute favorite out of the three. I've heard good things about their line in general, but I've only tried this brush so I knew it was good for sure (:
    Omg sorry about the ELF one! D: I compared all of the ones at the store to make sure I got the fullest one, because some of them are really thin and those ones don't work as well. Such a shame that it detached from the wood though >___<

  2. You know I also notice that ELF brushes are inconsistently made! When I saw it detached from the wood I got scared that my other ELF brushes also got detached. I'll share a little trivia on the powder brush you sent on a separate post. I feel like I'm pimping your blog through my separate feats haha :)


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