NOTES: Stressed out.


It has been three hours and I've done quite a number of blog hops and reading and commenting other blogs--and I'm still online. See, blogging calms me and perhaps tonight I'm a little bit on the edge--probably the 36 oz. of coffee I drank within the day.

So I was looking through my camera when I saw some shots I took last night--cause I was dead tired too and what I normally do when I'm stressed out (any form of "stress out") is I play with make-up. Since I've been reading Bobbi Brown's The Make-up Manual, I played around with some correctors and concealers. Here's half of my face with make-up.

I intentionally did full brows cause I like full brows. I've been dying to try if Nyx brow serum would help me grow my brows back cause you know how difficult it is to grow them both evenly! I've been trying for months and it's so frustrating. Good thing great eye brow cakes exist. I am using and loving Nyx eyebrow palette.

For the lids, I played with my Elianto personalized quad which includes a dark violet matte eyeshadow, a light lavender shimmer, a chalk-white shadow and a sky blue color. It's not very obvious in the photos but here's what I came up with. The dark violet crease accent was darker in the flesh.

The corrector I used is a light tone correcting concealer from ELF, along with an Elianto cream concealer.

For all-over err or half-the-face finishing powder, I used my Human Heart Nature Love Minerals Powder in Island Shell.

Ugh I'm so stressed! I should've biked, but baby it's cold outside. ^.^nuninu

Who are your favorite bloggers? I'd like to subscribe to more good vibes?

Always smile! :)

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  1. Blog-hopping is one my favourite past times, too. Love your make up! Your skin look so good. I'm envious.
    Hope you get some sleep soon

  2. I love your eyebrows! I like full brows too, but I don't have much brow to begin with :P

  3. thanks for hopping onto my blog ^^ You look great in purple!

  4. Great make up, I love the colors you used and you mixed them to perfection it looks especially good on you. You are really talented and have pretty features! Your blog is lovely and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


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