CAMPAIGN: Make it Far (BDJ:Take Flight 2012 giveaway)

I love looking at happy faces--which is why I love making people happy.

Commercial, I love this Bella's dress. :)

In the spirit of happiness, I want to complete (and start) someone's year perfectly--and that's where Belle de Jour enters the picture. They just recently launched the new BDJ:Take Flight powerplanner and I'm sure a lot of you want to grab hold of it stat! Because I'm feeling fairy godmother, let me help you win one!

To the brave hearts, here's a giveaway.

Campaign will close on Nov.25. Winner will be announced on the 28th. Open to Philippines residents only.

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Always smile! :)

So... what's next from K?

More surprises...

Photos are provided by Viviamo! Thanks Belle de Jour team!


  1. hi! i want to join this, but i think there's something wrong with the form:

    FOR ADD-ON PRIZES: Tweet and followed me (ie. Hello @kumikomae)

    nail beauty
    skin care?

    FOR ADD-ON PRIZES: Post about this contest on your blog sidebar (using the BDJ planner photo)--link below please make-up AND skincare related

    skin care

  2. hi analyn it's still on.

    hi mia, the form is fine. when you tweet me, i get to check it on my board so no need to put a link, all u have to do is choose what prize u want for tweeting. and then for posting on the sidebar, u choose also what prize, but u would have to put a link to your post/site. the area for the link is provided below too.

  3. ah i see, thanks for clarifying :) submitted my entries now :D

  4. hello nice contest you have here:) I am joining:)


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