Beauty Swap: Love Swag #1 from The Sneakerette

Who would've thought that this very innocent Hello Kitty letter would bring such great news? :) This letter simply represents the awesomeness of my beloved Eileen, aka The Sneakerette.

I can't remember anymore how it started but as with anything, it started with a warm vibrant hi! (email) and next thing we know we're friends (Eileen if you're reading this, I know it's so chummy but like I said I enjoy talking to you.)

I am very very thankful she emailed me and that I always get to respond to emails. She asked about the beauty swap I posted weeks before and we decided to start a wonderful friendship from there. I am sad that my gifts for her has yet arrived but hers came in around Oct. 4 and here's what she got me:

So of course I would be sharing with you the low-down on these amazing drugstore finds and I'm hitting it off with the Wet n Wild lipsticks she sent my way.

First thing that got me was the packaging, it made question whether the Wet n Wild lipsticks we have here in the Philippines are old stocks cause... check this out:

Lipstick on left are the ones from the US while right one is the one available locally... I am bothered. Is the silver packaging old stock?  Thanks Liz for the clarification :)

Anyhoo, like before the bad case about Wet n Wild lipsticks is its packaging (the caps just won't lock ever-so-tightly?) Two of the lipsticks Eileen got me got damaged even before their seals were broken! See what happened:

But other than the caps, Wet n Wild lipsticks, especially the colors Eileen chose for me are up my ante. I'll be giving you swatches now. Note that all these swatches are unedited, taken inside my room with natural lighting :)

Here's Bare It All 902C

Here's Pink Rose Flambouyant 907C

Here's the used lipstick she gave... I don't know the name cause unfortunately the name of the lipstick is indicated on the seal which you will well throwaway after breaking off. Ingredients were listed there too... in very little fonts so I'm unable to list the ingredients for this product revv. sorry! This is 903C, a bright peach shade. Name is Just Peachy?

Finally, here's a heart-stopping bright red lipstick called Red Velvet 910D

I just love everything. The color pay-off you get from these tubes are amazing. Just check out the redness you get from a swipe of Red Velvet:

I also love how smooth these lipsticks are. I didn't use lip brush to evenly achieve the swatches I have shared above. :)

These lipsticks are also long-lasting and they didn't leave me with cracked lips. Lovin' it.

To those who can confirm whether the silver packaging is old or not, please share through the comments! For my peace of mind! Because until I confirm this, I swear I'm not buying anything Wet n Wild locally... so unfair of this company if ever my theory is proven true!

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Always smile! :)

So... what's next from K? More inside-scoops on my love swag.


  1. LOOOOOVE those lippies! I especially like the nude one :D

  2. Glad you liked the lipsticks! :D They actually weren't smushed against the cap when I sent them, so I'm assuming they got messed up in transit somehow? :/ Can't wait to see what you think of the other things I picked up for you!

  3. They are from different lipstick range of wet n wild. :D


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