ELF Lip Stain

I really like this song from Avril's Goodbye Lullaby.

Anyway, this is totally unrelated to Avril's song haha!

ELF (eyes lips face) cosmetics is a favorite among "drugstore" lovin' beauty geek and I perfectly understand where the following is coming from. ELF offers a number of products from tools to color cosmetics that are promising without the painful price tag.

Few weeks ago, I got me the lip stain and gloss from ELF Studio line and I wanted to quickly share with you what these products are like. I can't say I love them, because they did disappoint me quite so much--and here are pictures why.

The Lip Stain range has three promising shades: birthday suit, fashionista and red carpet. The lip stain includes a matte color stain from one end and a clear gloss on the other.

Birthday Suit


Red Carpet

I'm sure by now you're interested in seeing the swatches!

Here you go... staring off with Birthday Suit. It is very matte and I don't like it, so I decided to put the gloss.

Birthday Suit with gloss


I'm not impressed witht he color pay-off. I actually liked the softness of the pink on the tube.

It didn't appear as soft pink on my lips...

Red Carpet

Among the three tubes, I'm only pleased with the Red Carpet shade because it delivered--shade wise.

As I've mentioned earlier, the tubes come with clear glosses. I have a bit of a problem with it because the clear gloss was extra oily! It had such an oily feel... and with all the ingredients information I have been loading my head with, I'm just not comfortable with anything oil-like.

I also don't like how it is potentially messy. Here's what I ended up with after swatching.

Other than the clear gloss, I have quite a problem with how liquid the stain is!

I know on the photo above it seems like it's not out-of-the-ordinary "liquid", but check out what happens to the paper after a few seconds... Both the stain and the clear gloss are sooo oily.

OILY. What a waste of Php250.

I will not repurchase. I am disappointed but as saving grace, I think I will be able to find use for the Red Carpet shade; for the other two, I'm giving it for someone else to try. Maybe it's just me/my preference playing tricks on me, but I really don't like this product. I know it's affordable, and maybe this is me getting what I pay for, but I love some ELF products and since this is my first to try their lip colors, I am disappointed. Perhaps I should stick to their little eye quads.

Always smile! :)

So... what's next from K?

Now this is related to the Avril video. Ever noticed how Avril's eye make-up are always strong and vivid? I am jealous by how she is able to pull off a heavily lined eye make-up and still look bubbly!

Since I just don't seem to have the character to pull-off a dark-lined eyes and remain looking young, I will just soon share my new finds that are very helpful in giving me the best of both worlds: heavy eyeliner + young look. Who can take a guess what these babies are?


  1. Yikesss these look like a mess! Have you tried NYX matte lip creams? I heard those were pretty good!

  2. I haven't but I've been dying to! It's not available locally (just online) so it's not as "accessible". There's this blogger that I hate LOL and she said these were dupes for the Nyx matte creams. WTH I really hate her. what a lie. LOL

  3. i have the birthday suit but don't use it much, it does last long on the lips though :) thanks for the review...but when i apply this gloss, i only pat the clear gloss on my lower lip which i think does the trick...

  4. aw too bad is not a decent product :( very informative post dear! oh and i agree with u gals about the nyx matte, i want to try it badly :D

  5. Hay, something's not good about it but loved the Red carpet.. I have choppy lips though. I am not fond really in applying lipstick. I am just using chopstick. :)

  6. I have this in Red Carpet and mine is very thick, actually cream like. I like the shade of Fashionista and want to try it later on :)


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