Forever 21

So sad I didn't go to the Forever 21 party yesternight. The rain was really raining on my parade and since I couldn't get my friend to face the tide, I decided I should just call it a night as well.. They launched the F21 Mastercard... should I apply for this?

But, although I wouldn't have the party to share, let me just quickly pass on the news to all you shoppers about the upcoming Forever21 (well SM-wide) 3-day sale.

Those who would be doing early shopping--the smart way, do it as early as October. Yes, sometimes prices go even lower when the Christmas rush peaks up but to get the best pieces, you should harvest those presents while time is ripe.

I was at Forever21 last Tuesday after the Bvlgari event, thanks ate Nikki for encouraging me, FYI I got to walkathon my way to F21 last minute! I got to shop a little, especially at their lingerie section which I just looove. Perhaps I'd try out the cosmetics line soooon. It's very curious to me, as if there's potential muchness in their products. But the best thing about F21 right now is their tribal selections. I swear, everything there is to die-for. You should check it out.

Oh! IDK what happened to the image...!
What you should check out at F21 now: rompers, sheer cardigans/tops, scarves (love the prints and different textures in the range) and mini-dresses.

I know I'm turning 23 soon... but hey, I think there's reason to be Forever21! Are you going to the sale?

Always smile! :)

So... what's next from K? Will talk about the Bvlgari event separately.


  1. That's a cute card :D I love finding things at Forever 21, but I hate how you're bound to see someone else wearing the same thing as you!


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