REVIEW: Blue Peel Radiance at House of Obagi

Last Friday night, I was at House of Obagi Greenbelt to beautify thy skin. I was scheduled to try their Blue Peel but Dr. Lacson saw that my skin is fine (yihiiiie) and I am better off with the Blue Peel Radiance--verdict would be below.

I was waiting at the lobby and was googly eyes over the display, especially...

the before and after photos and...

tada, the lash serum.

But I was there for peeling so let me just share you what it's like to be taken cared of, professionally. 

Before the treatment I had a one-on-one skin consultation session with HOO Dr. Lacson. I met him first from the HOO Blogger's night for Obagi 360 but since the room then was filled with many beauty bloggers--all of which as excited and not afraid to show it with questions and more--so I didn't hear much from Dr. Lacson as much as our tei-a-tei last Friday. It was a great opportunity to raise questions, clear doubts and lose inhibitions over the treatment. I told him I am there for the Blue Peel but I have a hunch that my skin might not be "fit" for it since I don't have radical blemishes, wrinkles or spots to get rid of. I never felt so proud when Dr. Lacson agreed and was hesitant too. My only problem was I haven't had a facial for ages so I have mega-clogged pores especially round the nose area. He pointed it out too, haha Things to do: shape brows and get facial--damn how can I neglect my face so much?!

To those who are curious about House of Obagi's signature Blue Peel, Blue Peel Radiance is a completely different thing. Dr. Lacson emphasized that so I won't be disappointed since I came in with different expectations. 

These are the items used for the Blue Peel Radiance. Unlike Blue Peel, Radiance is Salicylic based which is a "drug" I completely trust when it comes to healing skin inflammations and stubborn break-outs. Confession is, I use Salicylic Acid as soon as signs of pimple bumps peek through my skin that's why I rarely suffer breakouts. When I came for my Blue Peel Radiance, Doc flagged me for my clogged pores, but he noted how it's good that I got the radiance beforehand to soften them. See, that's how Salicylic Acid works its magic. It softens clogged pores, neutralizes bacteria thoroughly to prevent any further breakout. It also cleans/helps the upper layer of the epidermis to shed readily paving way for new cells--more radiant skin. Salicylic Acid is also great in constricting pores to make them look smaller after continued use. :)

I asked for a before photo.

I couldn't figure out which lighting to use inside the treatment cubicle so here are before shots in different settings, all unedited. yiiie I like my blush :D

So time to remove make-up...

They used a gel Nu-Derm cleansing foam. I keep on trying to steal photos haha

Before any facial, it's important to cleanse the face thoroughly.

Now with a blank face, Doc applied the solution on my face. It was cold when it touched my skin and at first there wasn't any stinging I couldn't tolerate, then it began. Some stinging was felt especially around the nose area because it's a sensitive part of the face. With a mini-fan near my face, the stinging subsided.

The solution was applied little by little. It was as if it was following the rule of applying lipstick (or nail polish, if I may). A layer was evenly spread on my face then left to "dry". After a few seconds, next layer is applied, same waiting time, then next layer, then next layer. The process was very gentle and subtle, unobtrusive and it was also comfortable because while doc was applying the solution, I get to ask questions about the treatment, what after-care tips I should follow, etc.

Here's my most decent frosted face ever. Before I've had "facial pictures" and almost everytime I looked horried--especially if it's a peeling treatment where I have blotchy skin registred on cam. Luckily, while having House of Obagi cater to my skin needs, I'm surprised it looks good on cam!

Here's how my skin looked like after the frosted Salicylic Acid was removed from my face. I love how my face isn't red! Unlike before, when I had a Spanish Peel, my skin was red and blotchy after the treatment. :)

My after photo, flourescent lighting. I'm not sure if you can notice through the photo but my skin was lighter and brighter (an effect of Salicylic Acid). Bye bye dull skin!

And my after photo--natural lighting.

The Blue Peel Radiance is most suited for those bellas who live by a busy calendar since it doesn't leave you wto endure an inconvenient "ugly" downtime. Results are immediate but are not so obvious compared to a radical peeling experience achieved through a Blue Peel for instance, but after going through a recommended 6 radiance visit, your skin texture, and appearance would be noticably clearer and even lighter.

As for me, since I've tried it once as of writing, I did notice how my skin felt smooooother the next day. And it got better two days after the treatment. In fact, the very next day, I immediately noticed how my skin felt more supple and smooth as applied toner and most importantly my sunscreen. Then mid-day, I noticed how my face was "shedding". I don't know the term, but I was scrubbing it with my fingers--to feel the difference--when I noticed how my skin was flaking--as if removing cakey powder (note, I wasn't wearing make-up).

I was asked by Dr. Lacson to go back two weeks after. For the second time, I might go through the radiance treatment with open and clean (pricked) pores. It would be more effective but substantially would sting more, he said. But worth a try to check and see improvements with my skin's texture, etc. Will update you by then!

I would recommend this treatment to people with:
uneven skin tone
light pimple marks
fine lines
busy schedule
mild pimple/acne problems
rough skin

Like with any peeling treatment, and actually for everyday protection, use sunscreen. The Blue Peel Radiance is another excuse to use sunscreen as a make-up primer--read the review to know the secret behind my skin on this photo. Check out my review of Obagi-C SPF30 here.

It's a mild alternative to Blue Peel, so it's also okay even for teenagers. :) I asked. If you're like me, who's all for preventive measures, then perhaps you should try meet the improved and more radiant you. :)

For more information, or perhaps to schedule an appointment, you should check out For questions, you may hit 'em up on Facebook: Obagi. Don't forget to visit my page too: Facebook: Kumi

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  1. You have such beautiful skin. Great that you are taking good care of it. I suffer from clogged pores and pimples, and will need some help soon.

  2. I used obagi blue peel radiance last week. My aesthetician also used glycolic right after the blue peel. My skin started peeling around my lips and cheeks. I used lot of moisturizers. I could see new skin and felt good. But my forehead still is blotchy with very dry skin that doesn't want to peel. How do I get off the dry skin. I feel like the dry skin is just stuck to my forehead. Any suggestions???

    Thank you

    1. Hi Sha, hm. Since radiance is the lighter version of their more intensive Blue Peel, it requires a bit more frequency to see optimal results. You might want to bring your concern up on your next visit so you can ask how often you need to peel on the area too :)


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