PASSION: Get Up for Education

This post is uber delayed but I figured it's a good time to share this on my site because it's shopping season--with the Christmas air upon us.

When my special someone uyyy asked for the Ed Westwick jacket worn on Penshoppe ads, I never really pictured it to be quite a treasure hunt! The ad was everywhere but I couldn't find the jacket--talk about the power of Chuck Bass.

I couldn't find the exact black and white baseball jacket worn in the ad so I opted to get the Blue and Gray one which to me was more fitting to my taste.

Anyway, while I was looking for the jacket, I did happen to pick up random stuff from Penshoppe like another Cardigan for A and some random stuff for me :) All that shopping provided me the access to enjoy, Golden ABC's pretty cool CSR for 2011. If you haven't seen it yet, visit to know more--BEST if you visit either Penshoppe, Forme, Oxygen, Memo and/or Regatta before visiting the site so you can enjoy it as much as I did.

Get Up campaign is more than the clothes we wear. It's about the passions we support and the hearts we wear on our sleeves. You can choose from an array of advocacies and this Christmas I think it's going to be an amazing bonus if we get to donate a little amount from the good deals we can score. :)

Here are screenshots of the donation process. First you choose what advocacy you would support: education, environment, nation-building and culture&arts.

I chose to Get Up for Education, of course.

Nice to know a lot of us thinks Education is #1.

Naturally, although I just turned a year older yesterday, a little cartoon still makes my day.

I love it. :) I asked one of our staff to hold up the Get Up card so I can take screenshots and smile in the background!

There I am with my crazy grin! :D

How about you, what you gotten up for?

Always smile! :)
So... what's next from K?


  1. I love this jacket! :)

  2. Cute jacket! I have one similar to it--we can be twins!! I love varsity/baseball jackets. They're my faveeee :D

  3. Let me re-comment to tell you that I've given you an award on my blog!! :D congrats! come and check it out here


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