BEAUTY: Sweet Nectar in many ways

Remember when I posted about the Human Heart Nature Hydrating Mineral Lipsticks?

I just recently broke my Sweet Nectar lipstick (well, it's my second Sweet third Sweet Nectar) and decided to put it in a handy-cosmetic tub so my charity make-up doesn't go to waste.

Here's how it looks like in its new home.

Anyway, because it's now "tubbed", I started playing around and realized how completely adorable Sweet Nectar is when used as a cream blush! Check out my swatches below!

The lipstick is Php225 only, and it's for a cause so it's veryyy nice. Now, with this new technique of maximizing my tube, I know I'm really having value for money.

I don't fear breaking out when using my Sweet Nectar this way because the lipstick is completely natural! It's even enriched with the moisture-boosting effects of Sunflower Oil and Passionfruit Oil. Now it's reformulated to have Cocoa butter so okay, hello smooth lips--and dewy peachy cheeks!

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Always smile! :)

So... what's next from K?

I'll be uploading my review of the reformulated lipsticks verrry soon. It's going to be a battle! :p
Pink Skies vs Coral Kiss, go!


  1. I have the Coral Kiss lipstick. I love it! :D It warms my skin tone. And because of its hydrating proeprties, I can skip the lip balm when applying it. :D

  2. Great post, Kumi! I've always heard of using lipstick as blush but I've never tried it personally. This looks like such a pretty color :D

  3. What a lovely shade, no wonder you like it so much.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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