EVENT: Forever 21 Sale

Last week, I braved the SM 3-day sale and grabbed the chance to shop early (before mall opens) thanks to my boss when I was still an intern, Ms. Jane. Here's a photo of what I got to avoid, so thanks a Forever 21 Philippines!

Forever 21 Mastercard holders are not new to this event since F21 cardholders are treated like VIP with early dibs on sale finds, etc. It was my first time shopping before a mall opens so I was excited.

To those who went to the sale, here are before photos of our beloved Forever 21 Megamall. :)

I got the black skirt! Actually, I got two skirts from this rack! Guess that adds up to 100% satisfaction.

I want both finds the mannequins are wearing, ugh.

Retail therapy at its finest... saw my Major Friend, hi majorly, shopping early too! LOL Later I found out she was sick then! She looks great though :) Miss you!

Of course, I can't take a BEFORE photo without focusing on tons and tons of F21 accessories! Complete love!

I only got a ring and an "antique" cuff from their shelves (I was so behaved) but if I were to make a wishlist, my F21 accessories wishlist would include the following...

I love this pearl necklace! I was willing to make a business excuse to get this... but I tried my best to be disciplined--also because there were soooo many clothes I was trying on haha

Since the sale was few days before my 23rd birthday, I was so tempted to get this.

When I saw this I immediately thought of Glee's Unicorn episode, only to realize >_< it's a Pegasus!

I really find this adorable.

I want to get both, one for me and one for my little sis!

Since I'm so obsessed with bows...

Anyway, I know that's a lot! But... if I really have to trim it down, I would choose having these very much upgraded take on the friendship bracelet.

This too. I love it. So very light and simple.

Now... other than accessories, F21 has a beauty section for people like us!

I love the simplicity of their display. White shelves for the win.

For a closer look...

What really caught my eye, an eye pencil--well a set of eye pencils!

The line by the time I was almost at the counter... the line extends crazy long!

Wow, it was very fulfilling. After the event I met with Ms. Jane and gave her some Popcakes! :)

Prints from the clothes I bought :)

This was from the 50% off rack! shocks best deal! It's like a tinkerbell skirt!

My little red dress.

Here's me looking all red! Yup, that's me with zero make-up, just oily skin LOL. I just had dinner so I probably ate all my lipstick. My hair's a mess too!!! I'm with my mom there. That's a photo taken on my birthday (explains the wrapped gift). I wore red on my birthday cause isn't it that they say, if it's your birthday you should wear red? haha I don't get it though... PS. Yes, that's my bookshelf. My books don't fit anymore... especially because my stuffed toys are renting! LOL

I love this skirt... haven't worn it yet. Can't find proper top. Should I go back to F21 to solve that? ;p

I love this dress a lot!

Here's me wearing that tube dress.

This sheer ruffled tube dress has yet been worn by me... my mom tried it though. She even called me all-giggly just to tell me she's wearing it! :)

Hallelujah. Thanks for making Philippines a better shopping experience, Forever 21.

Always smile! :)


  1. What?!?! Really?!?! I'm going there right now. For some reason, I am attached to Forever 21.


  2. oh wow! forever 21 is in the philippines! Loves!


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