LIFE: Oh, What is love?

Hugs can always turn things around.
Sorry for the raw naked face.
Isn't it that emotions make things beautiful?

I don't meet a lot of people but I do let a lot of people touch my life--hajimemashite. I think the best way to dance through life is through the feeling process. I am an advocate of the organic nature of emotions--unstable, unstoppable, strong and uncomprehendable. I believe that emotions are meant to be disturbing and complex because they don't arise to be understood, rather just felt.

Oh well. This week we bid goodbye to the last pup we're giving away for "adoption". Bye Nakia Dido (the new owners named the pup Dido hehe).
Nakia with Mom and Dreu.
Last week got me thinking...WHAT IS LOVE?

Then I remembered how Love is a feeling... so I stopped thinking and started feeling it instead. :)

Always smile! :)

My stronger heart should be proportional to my leg's stride. NEW SHOES. Luuvv it
Yes, my heels are dry LOL