REVIEW: Lip Ice Limited Edition lip balm (get your personalized pink shade in one gesture)

Few days ago, Lip Ice surprised me by sending me this gift bag. It is always so overwhelming to receive surprise gifts such as these, and because it came in a very pretty pink bag, I could only smile at myself! :) Thanks so much again Lip Ice, thanks Jem! :)

What did the bag hold? Tadaaa, the Lip Ice Limited Edition set. This lip conditioner is the color-changeable type, and what it does is it adjusts with your body's chemistry to give you YOUR natural pink shade. Hm, how does it work? Let me show you the ways.

First of all, here's a clearer view of what's in the pack. The limited edition pack gives you a bonus mentholatum gloss with a sheer pink color and some golden sparks.

It's a very simple combination but later you would see how these two works very well together. :)

The sheer color tube against my green Christmas nails. :)  Sorry, I just had to do this because green and pink is my favorite color combo, and it was very timely that I had green Christmas nails when my Lip Ice gift arrived. To know more about my green nails, you might want to visit this post.

It is a sheer lip balm, as you would see in this photo, it's colorless! It glides on very smooth as well. If you tend to experience chapped lips often, Lip Ice sheer color is a lip conditioner you might want to try. The beeswax in it can help moisturize your lips effectively.

Don't believe me? Here! Who would think that from this sheer tube you can get a personalized pink lip balm? :)

*sidenote* I love the matte metal finish of the lip balm's body. :D

Anyway, here's my naked lips (sorry was against the light in this photo--so I turned to face my window for my after shot hehe)

Here's my after photo, I'm already wearing the color changeable lip balm, and there's my personalized pink. No other make-up. Now you know how naked my lashes are haha

So... let's move on to sheer's buddy, the color gloss. Check out how adorably cute it is. It's so small! But I love it's smallness. Like E said, anything chubby is cute! And I really love the golden sparks underneath the pinkness of this gloss.

Again, here's the pink gloss against my green Christmas nails. :) Those who are curious about my nails, those are SaGreena the Teenage Witch and Gems combined. Read this to know more.

I applied the color gloss on top of my personalized pink and tadaa. Check out that golden shimmer. I just love golden pink. I LOVE ANYTHING GOLDEN PINK.

I instantly noticed how the gloss made my lips appear fuller--the trick, dot on gloss only on your lower lip, rub your upper lip against your lower lip to mix and then dot on a little more on your lower lip for an added plump.

Here's you go. A very subtle personalized pink shade that is wearable, unique and hihi minty!

Oh, you know what. When I wiped off my lips, the pink continued changing. Check out how it changed to a bright pink-magenta-ish shade against my white towel. Uh-oh, I hope it's not going to be a stain.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?

Always smile! :)

Before I go, let me just share you my noted from the back side portion of the pack. Someone threw away the carton before I could copy it :( so to those who would like to know more, just click on the photo below.

So... what's next from K? This in-car photo showcased my improved skills on concealing eyebags (in my no make-up photo on top of this post, I bet you can say I have huge bags haha). Perhaps I'll share some concealing tips soon! :D Would you like that?
Photo taken with my phone. 

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  1. Very pretty! The lipgloss is stunning :D

  2. That's soo cool! :) I am a super fan of Lip Ice too and I want that limited edition one. Hehe. :D

  3. The packaging is really cute =] I love how girly the pink shades are! I'm personally not a huge fan of glitter on my lips, but that looks really pretty :D

  4. Hey I tried emailing you again but I don't think it worked, so can you email me at Thanks.

    Nice post!

  5. Such a pretty shade. I think it looks perfect with the gloss.
    Are those the nails from your previous post? Love em'. So glittery.

  6. I would like to try lipice! That really looks promising babe~ =)

  7. I love how sleek the packaging of Lip Ice is. Your nails are so pretty!

  8. The glitter gloss looks so pretty on your lips hun!

  9. you are at high quality level, smiles.

    Happy Halloween,

    Hope all is well. Thanks for your support to Jingle Poetry Community, welcome back any time.

  10. Wow! there's allot of good reviews about lip ice, i wanna try it but i dont know how to finish my lipbalms.

  11. this is my fave lip balm right now! :)

  12. I've never heard of this brand but I love the pink packaging. I love how it looks like it gives a hint of color but goes on like a lip balm. Great review.


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