Beauty Swap: Love Swag #1 Nail Polishes from the Past

Last Sept-Oct, I did a swap with The Sneakerette, aka Eileen but is now more of my fond Vintage Girl. :) You might want to read about it here. If you haven't visited her blog yet, please do so here. Brace yourself to an awesome nail art ride, pun intended.

I believe I have shared this before, but I'm very happy I swapped with E because it's always comforting to find a warm soul out there. I'd love to think we're not all pages and site counts--for example, I'm really after the friendships that can be built via the triple-w, and E really warmed up to me to the point that I can't stop shopping for her. LOL Are there any other friendships waiting out there? If there is, email me? :D

Anyway, included in the swap she had for me are these polishes. Now, I haven't tried the hot pink one but the other two, I've already got to road test.  

After trying out the products... I'm happy to share that I found out the secret to having Christmas Spirit right at your fingertips: it is simply Wet n' Wild Sagreena the Teenage Witch and Milani Gems combined!

The bling on Gems are huge--not your ordinary glitter polish--and I love it for that. It's like having confetti on your tips! So festive!

The photos don't give gems justice. They're so much happier in real life!

The verdict:
Both polishes are long lasting. In fact, I acetoned an almost undamaged/unchipped set of nails tonight because the color blasts are still very much intact on my nail bed.

Sagreena however is more wearable. I like it cause it's my type of forest green. Sagreena is a quick-drying polish so it's also a good treat for unsettled people like me. :)

I also really like the name--it's so witty! SaGreena is thumbs up for being catchy and for having a strong "come on". Ugh, I searched online and now I'm like super wanting that Hannah Pinktana color. This is a tall/huge tube of nail polish and because the color pay-off is strong, I'm sure this baby's going to last me beyond Christmas--heck beyond Summer 2012. Value for money--if I bought this with my money, I'm going to say yet.

Gems was so difficult to remove! Well, as is the case always when it comes to glitter nail polish, but wow I love it so much! I have yet tried it alone since I used it on top of Sagreena, BUT I'm going to try it out on its own and find out for myself how this Jewels polish would deliver. I love anything with glitter...

My nails are very brittle so any practical ways of oomphing-up my nails are favved immediately! I don't want to run out of this polish. I'm already looking for dupes as we speak. It's a partyphile polish, no doubt.

Oh well, so much more to share, but in the mean time I hope you enjoyed reading through my Swag Reports. :)

To those interested in doing a swap, let's have that rapport stat! Reach me via

Always smile! :)

To those wondering why I named this blog as "Nail Polishes from the Past", simply check the timeline of Philippines vis-a-vis California to find out. :)



  1. Yay for a Sagreena! And yay for how beautiful those polishes look on your nails. Stunning!

  2. Great swap!!! :) Are the wet n wild polishes nice, 'coz i'm quite hesitant to try them out. :D thanks!

  3. LOL the title cracked me up! Your nails do look quite festive! I'll pick up Hannah Pinktana next time I'm out, since I wasn't too sure which shades you'd enjoy most when we did our swap =]

  4. Good swapping. I like the way your nails turned out.


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