Monday, October 31, 2011

Few days ago, Lip Ice surprised me by sending me this gift bag. It is always so overwhelming to receive surprise gifts such as these, and because it came in a very pretty pink bag, I could only smile at myself! :) Thanks so much again Lip Ice, thanks Jem! :)

What did the bag hold? Tadaaa, the Lip Ice Limited Edition set. This lip conditioner is the color-changeable type, and what it does is it adjusts with your body's chemistry to give you YOUR natural pink shade. Hm, how does it work? Let me show you the ways.

First of all, here's a clearer view of what's in the pack. The limited edition pack gives you a bonus mentholatum gloss with a sheer pink color and some golden sparks.

It's a very simple combination but later you would see how these two works very well together. :)

The sheer color tube against my green Christmas nails. :)  Sorry, I just had to do this because green and pink is my favorite color combo, and it was very timely that I had green Christmas nails when my Lip Ice gift arrived. To know more about my green nails, you might want to visit this post.

It is a sheer lip balm, as you would see in this photo, it's colorless! It glides on very smooth as well. If you tend to experience chapped lips often, Lip Ice sheer color is a lip conditioner you might want to try. The beeswax in it can help moisturize your lips effectively.

Don't believe me? Here! Who would think that from this sheer tube you can get a personalized pink lip balm? :)

*sidenote* I love the matte metal finish of the lip balm's body. :D

Anyway, here's my naked lips (sorry was against the light in this photo--so I turned to face my window for my after shot hehe)

Here's my after photo, I'm already wearing the color changeable lip balm, and there's my personalized pink. No other make-up. Now you know how naked my lashes are haha

So... let's move on to sheer's buddy, the color gloss. Check out how adorably cute it is. It's so small! But I love it's smallness. Like E said, anything chubby is cute! And I really love the golden sparks underneath the pinkness of this gloss.

Again, here's the pink gloss against my green Christmas nails. :) Those who are curious about my nails, those are SaGreena the Teenage Witch and Gems combined. Read this to know more.

I applied the color gloss on top of my personalized pink and tadaa. Check out that golden shimmer. I just love golden pink. I LOVE ANYTHING GOLDEN PINK.

I instantly noticed how the gloss made my lips appear fuller--the trick, dot on gloss only on your lower lip, rub your upper lip against your lower lip to mix and then dot on a little more on your lower lip for an added plump.

Here's you go. A very subtle personalized pink shade that is wearable, unique and hihi minty!

Oh, you know what. When I wiped off my lips, the pink continued changing. Check out how it changed to a bright pink-magenta-ish shade against my white towel. Uh-oh, I hope it's not going to be a stain.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?

Always smile! :)

Before I go, let me just share you my noted from the back side portion of the pack. Someone threw away the carton before I could copy it :( so to those who would like to know more, just click on the photo below.

So... what's next from K? This in-car photo showcased my improved skills on concealing eyebags (in my no make-up photo on top of this post, I bet you can say I have huge bags haha). Perhaps I'll share some concealing tips soon! :D Would you like that?
Photo taken with my phone. 

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REVIEW: Lip Ice Limited Edition lip balm (get your personalized pink shade in one gesture)

Few days ago, Lip Ice surprised me by sending me this gift bag. It is always so overwhelming to receive surprise gifts such as these, and b...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Sept-Oct, I did a swap with The Sneakerette, aka Eileen but is now more of my fond Vintage Girl. :) You might want to read about it here. If you haven't visited her blog yet, please do so here. Brace yourself to an awesome nail art ride, pun intended.

I believe I have shared this before, but I'm very happy I swapped with E because it's always comforting to find a warm soul out there. I'd love to think we're not all pages and site counts--for example, I'm really after the friendships that can be built via the triple-w, and E really warmed up to me to the point that I can't stop shopping for her. LOL Are there any other friendships waiting out there? If there is, email me? :D

Anyway, included in the swap she had for me are these polishes. Now, I haven't tried the hot pink one but the other two, I've already got to road test.  

After trying out the products... I'm happy to share that I found out the secret to having Christmas Spirit right at your fingertips: it is simply Wet n' Wild Sagreena the Teenage Witch and Milani Gems combined!

The bling on Gems are huge--not your ordinary glitter polish--and I love it for that. It's like having confetti on your tips! So festive!

The photos don't give gems justice. They're so much happier in real life!

The verdict:
Both polishes are long lasting. In fact, I acetoned an almost undamaged/unchipped set of nails tonight because the color blasts are still very much intact on my nail bed.

Sagreena however is more wearable. I like it cause it's my type of forest green. Sagreena is a quick-drying polish so it's also a good treat for unsettled people like me. :)

I also really like the name--it's so witty! SaGreena is thumbs up for being catchy and for having a strong "come on". Ugh, I searched online and now I'm like super wanting that Hannah Pinktana color. This is a tall/huge tube of nail polish and because the color pay-off is strong, I'm sure this baby's going to last me beyond Christmas--heck beyond Summer 2012. Value for money--if I bought this with my money, I'm going to say yet.

Gems was so difficult to remove! Well, as is the case always when it comes to glitter nail polish, but wow I love it so much! I have yet tried it alone since I used it on top of Sagreena, BUT I'm going to try it out on its own and find out for myself how this Jewels polish would deliver. I love anything with glitter...

My nails are very brittle so any practical ways of oomphing-up my nails are favved immediately! I don't want to run out of this polish. I'm already looking for dupes as we speak. It's a partyphile polish, no doubt.

Oh well, so much more to share, but in the mean time I hope you enjoyed reading through my Swag Reports. :)

To those interested in doing a swap, let's have that rapport stat! Reach me via

Always smile! :)

To those wondering why I named this blog as "Nail Polishes from the Past", simply check the timeline of Philippines vis-a-vis California to find out. :)


Beauty Swap: Love Swag #1 Nail Polishes from the Past

Last Sept-Oct, I did a swap with The Sneakerette, aka Eileen but is now more of my fond Vintage Girl. :) You might want to read about it he...

Saturday, October 29, 2011


It has been three hours and I've done quite a number of blog hops and reading and commenting other blogs--and I'm still online. See, blogging calms me and perhaps tonight I'm a little bit on the edge--probably the 36 oz. of coffee I drank within the day.

So I was looking through my camera when I saw some shots I took last night--cause I was dead tired too and what I normally do when I'm stressed out (any form of "stress out") is I play with make-up. Since I've been reading Bobbi Brown's The Make-up Manual, I played around with some correctors and concealers. Here's half of my face with make-up.

I intentionally did full brows cause I like full brows. I've been dying to try if Nyx brow serum would help me grow my brows back cause you know how difficult it is to grow them both evenly! I've been trying for months and it's so frustrating. Good thing great eye brow cakes exist. I am using and loving Nyx eyebrow palette.

For the lids, I played with my Elianto personalized quad which includes a dark violet matte eyeshadow, a light lavender shimmer, a chalk-white shadow and a sky blue color. It's not very obvious in the photos but here's what I came up with. The dark violet crease accent was darker in the flesh.

The corrector I used is a light tone correcting concealer from ELF, along with an Elianto cream concealer.

For all-over err or half-the-face finishing powder, I used my Human Heart Nature Love Minerals Powder in Island Shell.

Ugh I'm so stressed! I should've biked, but baby it's cold outside. ^.^nuninu

Who are your favorite bloggers? I'd like to subscribe to more good vibes?

Always smile! :)

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NOTES: Stressed out.

---LIGHTNING POST--- It has been three hours and I've done quite a number of blog hops and reading and commenting other blogs--and I&...


The heavy traffic only means it's a long weekend once more so in lieu of halloween looks (since halloween isn't as much of a big thing here, I think) I'll just share with you a vampy lip color from Maxfactor Lipfinity line: 3D Lipfinity in Chartreuse Blend 630.
It's two-in-one (duh, blend? haha). The dark vampy red violet shade is step 1 while the green gloss is step 2. I got this because I got so curious with the color combination... I mean, what does a green gloss do anyway?

As you've already seen against my skin, the green gloss isn't as green as it looked like in the tube--but it still pulls off green shimmer well.

So this is my canvas.

And this is what post-Step 1 looks like. It's very dark and vampy.

Now I don't know how more 3D my lips can get, so I didn't keep high expectations. This is what post-Step 2 looks like. So weird because I think what the gloss did was mess up step 1 haha It just lightened the color and in a way it emphasized lines on my lips which I didn't like!

But at least it made the lip color wearable. I don't think the vampy red violet shade fits me, and my age, and my personality--but I supposed on days I want my skin to look pale and washed out, the vampy red would be effective. I mean, wouldn't it be thrilling to have people look at you and think... Twilight much?? haha

Because it's lipfinity, I must say it's very very stubborn. It works and glides like a stain. :)

*the difference in skin tone is due to well my face being more peach undertoned than my arm, which registers pale, idk why...
**because this is such a quickie post, I didn't notice the typo on the photo label until it was uploaded--lazy ole me doesn't mind haha
***flourescent lighting

I got this item for free from so I don't know how much it is. It's a freebie to my orders so I'm not complaining either, but judging by how much I liked the product, I don't think it's worth buying. Well, unless you have a particular look in mind. I don't think it's a practical color though, hehe

Always smile! :)

As October closes, let me just take a brief moment and look back on my beautiful red birthday lips. :p


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REVIEW: Maxfactor 3D Lipfinity Chartreuse Blend

----LIGHTNING POST ---- The heavy traffic only means it's a long weekend once more so in lieu of halloween looks (since hallow...

Few weeks ago my Coastal Scents orders arrived. I did tease you about these items when I reviewed ELF Lip Stains. It's been a while, I'm sorry, but I did not forget my commitment with you guys. Here's a quick revv post on Coastal Scents new line of liquid eyeliners. I'm very excited to share my experience with these babies because I got them immediately as they were launched online. I got them as the new 22-pc brush set was launched too--so the feeling of being one of the first few people to own a product globally was thrilling for me! I bought last September and got the items first week October--these are part of my "Birthday Gift for me" purchases. The huge discount is due to the introductory price I enjoyed (it's like I enjoyed FREE international shipping), since the liquid liner set and the brush set I bought were all just launched :)

The liquid eyeliners came looking like this. It's so pretty and classy, I liked how Coastal Scents take time to make their deliveries presentable. 

After unraveling the bag... this is the entire collection. It's more affordable to buy all the shades--and since I know I would love anything colorful round the eyes, I decided its worth the investment. The little black boxes came as a perfect match to the little black mesh bag. I like how simple and unpretentious the packaging was. :)

Even the actual products are simple and straight to the point. The entire collection has 5 colors. It's only $19.95

It was perfect timing, buying this set, because I recently ran out of liquid liners--but what really caught my eye was the plum liner. :) From L-R: Jet, Cobalt, Stone, Shamrock, Plum. .203 fl oz each

Here are the shades. From T-B: Plum, Shamrock, Stone, Cobalt, Jet

Now for a closer look on the liner wands... Jet.





The colors are all so wearable! Of course Jet is an amazing gyaru or cat's eye tool, but for some twist, using the Stone liner makes up for a nice ashy-silver accent round the eyes. I love how Shamrock is a friendly green and Plum is bright and very outgoing. :) I think the set really captures an array of personalities and it's very nice to have something to express oneself with. :)

Here's another look on how the liners look like on the skin--but let me point out that this shot was taken after i rubbed the swatched area heavily already.

Ah yes, the staying power of this liquid liner is worthy of a standing ovation. It's a smudge-proof and long-wearing range. Those who are prone to racoon eyes, especially those who have oily lids would benefit a lot if they switch to this. This liquid liner range is available at and I enjoyed ordering from them because they have great products at affordable prizes. Since it's also an online store, let me just say I didn't suffer any anxiety attack while waiting for my package. They have great customer service. :)

How about you, have you tried buying from Coastal Scents already? How was it?

Ingredients: Acqua, Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Hyaluronic Acid, Dipolhydroxystearate, Phenoxyethanol. May contain Mica and Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Manganese Violet, FD&C Red No.40 Al Lake, FD&C Yellow No.5 Al Lake
Always smile! :)

So... what's next from K? My 22-pc Brush set of course.

To those who are eager, let me tell you that the buffer in this set, and the finishing brush included in this set is crazy amazing. :D

REVIEW: Coastal Scents Liquid Liner Set

Few weeks ago my Coastal Scents orders arrived. I did tease you about these items when I reviewed ELF Lip Stains . It's been a while, I...


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