Smooth hair-free legs are on-trend at Waxbar Salon

Hello Sunshine! So yesterday I shared with you my facial waxing experience at Waxbar. Now, ever so quickly, I will share what happened when I also got to try their leg waxing service--yey flawless!
Notice the smooth difference on the right leg, where there is a portion that got waxed already? Even within that leg, you can see obvious difference between leg hair and no-leg hair!

I'm sorry I'm such a monkey, but yes, I'm one of those unfortunate ladies who have to maintain a regular visit to the waxing salon just to achieve that smooth hair-free leg experience! Good thing the waxing services at Waxbar are wayyyy affordable. Considering how classy, OC, and comfortable their salon is, every waxing service and package they offer for both men and women are complete steals!
See the difference between the waxed portion and the utterly visible leg hair (even when covered by wax)! Eww much!


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