My June Empties!

Hello Sunshine! Better late than never! I've had these June empties photos available since end of June, but have been pre-occupied with things that I couldn't blog about them! Now, I've made it a point to make myself available and share with you the products I've used up last month. Why? Because I love empties posts! They make me happy... and I hope they make you happy too!

Let's begin my list, now! Don't forget to hit "Read more" to see my full empties post.

Green Cross Isopropyl Alcohol

This is by far my favorite alcohol. I know, how odd. Do people have favorite alcohols? Yes. The answer is, yes they do. I love using this because it is non-drying, and it doesn't have that overly offensive smell of alcohol. I also love using this when working out, and now while typing, I realize, that I've been using this since 5 years back! That's how much I love this. I go through bottle after bottle.

Charmed Body Spray*

Speaking of gym, here's my staple gym spray. You know how taking a shower at the gym just doesn't make the cut... because I don't know. It's just not the same as with showering at home. So what I do, to make me feel better, is spray on this body spray in the scent Charmed, and voila. everything's just flowers and in full bloom. This has a really inviting powder floral scent that I find perfect to wear after a good workout.

Nivea Invisible Deo-Spray

I got this for a travel, I can't remember if it were for Singapore or Dagupan. But I do remember I got this for a travel, because it is so tiny and I felt like the science of it being invisible on white or dark clothing is just perfect for occasions when you don't have surplus clothes to wear (like when your deo stains your outfit and you're forced to changed).

Nivea Anti-Perspirant Extra Whitening

I LOVE this deo. I go through bottles of this deo so fast, and I always go back to this variant after trying out other deos (like when I feel experimental). I think Nivea deodorants are great because they have that shower fresh scent on point, while not causing that dreadful underarm darkening effect. I super trust Nivea deodorants, and would recommend it to people suffering from dark pits. I've used them since high school, and to this date, my armpits are pretty fair.

Zenutrients Underarm Spray

I love Zenutrients products. The best part, even the girlfriend approves! Here's another girlfriend empties and I must say, she can't stop raving about Zenutrients Underarm spray. She's super hiyang with this baby. Here's a review of the Zenutrients underarm spray for your appreciation.

Emptying products is very relieving to me, because it means I don't put items to waste. How about you? Do you feel the same?

Lactacyd Feminine Wash

Honestly, I don't like Lactacyd. I feel like it doesn't really give me the clean I want from a feminine wash. But I get it anyway because it's easily accessible, and the feminine wash that I like isn't. :(

ZA Cosmetics Total Solution Toner

I never thought I'd say this ever to a face toner, but this is the best toner ever. This has changed the way I see skincare, and skin toning in general. I saw very obvious improvement with my skin's radiance, texture, and tone after using this product continuously. I recommend this to anyone suffering from dullness and dry patches. 

Close Up Deep Action Toothpaste

Nothing special for this toothpaste, other than it's green! When it comes to toothpaste, I'm not very picky. I either get the original variant of Colgate, the one that tastes like Mentos; or I get any other green toothpaste! Because it's my favorite color, haha!

Zenutrients Refreshing Body and Hand Wash*

Here's another Zenutrients item that made it into my June empties. And at lightning speed even, since I only opened this bottle late May! I guess that says a lot about how fast I go through my body washes. For good reason, of course, because this darling smells super lovely and spa-like. 

Watsons Shower Gel in Strawberry*

This has been a staple buy one take one item in Watsons, and I've gone through two bottles of Green Tea already before I gave this a shot. And ooh, this strawberry variant is pretty cool. It's such a gently-scented strawberry shower gel that can turn up the fun in your every wash, every day. This shower gel is also available in peach, jasmine, and I think lemon.

Swish Cinnamon Blast and Swish Mangosteen Mint mouthwash*

This should be my last ever empties post including Swish, because I've gone through so many bottles the past few months that I think I have gone through enough Swish mouthwash to last me a lifetime. Kidding aside, I have yet to try two other Swish flavors so who knows...

Watsons Smoothing Treatment Wax with Yogurt*

I have to say, I don't have much trust and confidence in Watsons hair care items. My hair is not the best in form and texture, so I always reach out to more established brands in the art of hair care. However, after having tried this treatment wax, along with the other treatment wax I posted here, I have to say, Watsons hair masks are worth a try. They're great for every day deep conditioning, because yes, I deep condition every day. It's THAT bad.

Victoria's Secret in Pure Daydream

This body mist smells so PINK! And rightfully so, because it was a pink fragrance. I'm not a big fan of it, but it definitely made me feel all girly-girly whenever I wore it. I wore it a lot in the summer, because I wanted to stay away from the citrusy summery scents almost everyone was wearing.

Baby Bench Cologne in Popsicle

Here's another girlfriend empty, and I think I should warn you that in the months to come, it should not be a surprise if this bottle comes up again. She regards this as her signature scent, and I've seen her gone through more bottles of this cologne that water! Well, that's an exaggeration, but you know what I mean. :)

Cynos Body and tHAIRaphy Morrocan Oil

I got to try a sample of this product through Sample Room; but this full-sized bottle is actually a gift of a friend after she saw me post about loving this moroccan oil. It was the most pleasant surprise, because it was kindness that came from out of nowhere, and even more, it involved receiving skincare that I ended up loving so much. I used this a lot at night all over my body, and every after shower, on my hair.

H2O+ Cleansing Water and H2O+ Eye Makeup Remover*

H2O is a brand with expert-level skincare. I've tried their moisturizers beforehand, and now their cleansers, and so far, they never fail. Between the two, I love the cleansing water the most because I can also use it to remove eye makeup effectively. It's really great for the job, and it leaves the skin feeling soft and supple too.

ZA Cosmetics Killer Volume Mascara

I think this is the first time after a long time where I actually got to empty out a mascara! I usually have a lot opened at the same time, that most just get dried out. But this time around, I finished my ZA Cosmetics Killer Volume Mascara all the way through because I used it every day, especially on days when I know I'd have so much going on. It's totally smudge-proof, and it really lengthens and volumizes the lashes, for that dramatic oomph!

Majolica Majorca Lash Jelly Drop

This is a unique and limited edition offer from Majolica Majorca, I believe, and I hope if you haven't tried it, is you get too (if again, it's still available). It's from their Secret Blink collection. This is superb in making your under eye lashes pop, without the overpowering clumpy effect most mascaras leave.

Christian Dior Eyebrow pencil

I got this pencil from my mom, and tried it on back when I had really dark brown hair because I just didn't have a proper brow pencil available, since I've had light hair for the past year. It's not the best for me, because it runs, but it has a very strong blendable consistency--great for achieving strong brows!

Shiseido Sample

Oh dear, I forgot what this sample was exactly, but I do remember it to be a thick cream that I use for my under eye, even if it weren't an eye cream!

Colour Collection Blush

I think if I were to ever repurchase a blush for the first time, this would be it. I just love this blush so so much, I had it with me the entire time it existed in my collection. It's the perfect pink for a rosy glow, and it matches my skin tone even on my fair or morena days. The best part, it has a mirror underneath so I can easily apply it even on the go.

Well that's it. What do you think?