5 Reasons Why Coffee at Work is Bliss

Hello Sunshine! When it comes to doing what you love, there's no holding back, yes? That's why I love putting my heart into my job, my blog, my art, and anything and everything I do because I know that being truly passionate is the key to excellence.

To make things a whole lot better, I also do what I love to the tune of things that I also love: good music, quality company, and great tasting coffee! Nothing beats having perfectly brewed coffee when bouncing off one meeting after the other. So I have to say, if there's a must-have every go-getter needs to make great things happen, it's a perfect cup of joe.
So what does it really mean to have great coffee in the office? Aside from perking people up, unlimited access to a perfect cup has benefits to offer too. Some of them may seem quirky, but every quirk makes turning work to passion a whole lot easier!

Here are 5 cool ways coffee makes work more fun

1. With overflowing coffee in the office, finally it makes sense to buy those premium (overpriced) mugs and tumblers!

2. The office smells GOOD! 

Don't you just love entering a room that embraces you with the aroma of a perfect brew? I know I do! I can't resist the scent of freshly brewed coffee, and it just makes me super happy to work, mostly write and think, when the room smells like caffeine!

3. Coffee is the instant professional vibe giver! If in a meeting, interview, panel, or even when just going through an ordinary day, drinking coffee completes slams the pang-bata feels of any other drink. Go for a "wow, professional!" vibe when you coffee up! 

Be like a boss even, take it black!

4. Coffee is also a great pick-me-up drink especially for those in snow globe offices...

Don't pull an Elsa at work!

Not only is it bad for you health-wise, hello common colds; working in (really) cold venues for long periods can be stressful! I personally get cold easily, so I always reach for my warm coffee mid-day! It really helps me get my system together, while also activating my creative juices into churning big ideas!

5. Last but not the least, coffee brings people together. It helps make teams out of a pool of talents, is a great social lubricant (we can't always have wine around, babe), and is also a very basic item to offer when having guests, visitors, and even clients.

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 Cheers, coffee lovers! Don't forget to tell me your coffee-loving reasons too!

Kumiko Mae is a sunflower girl who loves to blog about beauty and other pretty feelings on LovingSunshine.com, a beauty and lifestyle blog in the Philippines. She lives warmly and with the heart of a never-ending sunshine. Her favorite things come in sparkly packages.

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