The Big Three of Beauty Balm

Gone are the days when products can only do one thing. This time and age, our gadgets and even our clothes are multifunctional. So why should the beauty industry fall far behind? Of course it won't.

Marching with the band (even leading the parade), is Davines Authentic Moisturizing Balm: a hair treatment, skin nourishment and makeup remover in one! Read more about this product and other customer reviews on This 3-in-1 product is set to make your dreams come true. A perfect travelling companion, and a great kikay kit stuffer, I have to say my life has been turned since I first tried this multi-purpose balm. (To read more about my experience of Davines haircare loving, please visit this hair treatment feature)
Davines Authentic Moisturizing Balm for face, hair, body is a moisturizing, organic, Safflower Oil base balm with a treble action: make-up remover for the face, hair balm and body moisturiser. Davines Authentic Moisturizing Balm provides deep conditioning and moisturizing properties to hair and body.Authentic Balm is formulated with 98 % ingredients of natural origins. Delicate oil-based formula that nourishes, conditions and hydrates hair. Davines Authentic Moisturizing Balm on

To use this product as a hair treatment: simply run the balm from the roots of your hair and evenly distribute on your clean strands. I would recommend using the product on towel dry hair. Leave on for at least 15-20 minutes then rinse. You will notice the immediate improved luster and life the moisturizing balm would leave on your crowning glory.

To use this product as a skin nourishment: (preferably after a luxurious body scrub) slather on a thin layer of balm on your legs, arms and torso (if you could reach, the back would also love you for the added care). Leave the product on your skin for at least ten minutes then rinse. Your skin would feel softer and more suppler when you step out of the shower--smooth and nourished enough to skip any body treatment (oil or lotion) for that day.

To use this product as a makeup remover: using a facial tissue or a clean cotton ball, use the balm to remove stubborn makeup (even around the eye area, for the difficult waterproof mascara). Using gentle circular strokes, the balm will melt away that makeup for easy removal. Although quite gentle, please make sure to still keep the product away from your delicate eyes to avoid any onset of irritation. Wash the face to rinse the product off. Pat dry and enjoy your perfectly cleansed face by having a delightful beauty sleep. :)

This naturally derived balm has a light fragrance so those who prefer fragrance-free might be a bit disappointed. However, personally, even if I'm a fragrance-free type of person, the Davines Authentic Moisturizing Balm is delicately fragrant that I am not bothered at all.

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What multi-purpose product have you tried and enjoyed using?


  1. Definitely the Human Nature Sunflower Oil, I use it as a whitening oil for my dark spots and under eye circles, and I also use it as a make-up remover :)


  2. This sounds like an interesting product to use! You can never get tired of multitasking products like that.. Happy New year Kumiko Mae :)

  3. This might sound crazy but I started using olive oil to moisturize all over. I haven't tried it for hair yet but I heard people do that. This sounds similar. I will have to look into it!

  4. Oh I did two posts today, the first one I mentioned you and I decided to do all greens for January based on your comment. :)


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