Likha Diwa

A secret place is home to a lost heart. Back when I was still in college, studying my horses off, I have been going to this vegetarian house near my school called Likha Diwa. If my translation is accurate, Likha means create and Diwa is spirit. If I may also say, the place is definitely named appropriately.

Likha Diwa calls upon me everytime I visit my alma mater. I spent so many lovely afternoons alone in that place: reading, writing, drawing... but my favorite thing to do at Likha Diwa is "breathing". It's a breathing room for me. Such a peaceful food place brimming with inspiration and warmth that you don't normally get from commercial eateries.

I got to chance upon the lovely place recently and my heart still felt the same joyous exhilaration as I did the first time I dined in. The place offers such cozy intimacy ideal for bonding fiery friendships, and then some.

I shall be sharing with you some snaps from the inside but don't expect food pictures because if you're curious, I want you to go see the place for yourself. Immerse in her glory. Their food is beyond home-grown comfort brewed, they have heartfelt and kind choices--you'd have to taste for yourself to feel what it means to have such kindred spirit nourish your body through a meal.

Likha Diwa is located along C.P Garcia street, just a stone's throw away Krus na Ligas in Diliman, Quezon City. They are open Mondays to Saturdays, 11AM to 10PM if I remember my details right.

Do you have a "secret place" too? Share or at least describe please!


  1. wow the place its look so comfort my secret place i think my bedroom :D


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