Multi-Flowers Tweezers by Japonesque

I've long wanted to have an artisan-quality tweezer ever since I found out that such beauty tools existed. I just have this solid fascination over beauty tools that I can't shrug off to oblivion. I think tools make us, as much as our passion and perseverance does! With that, let me share with you some lovely photographs of my first-ever artisan-quality tweezer. This is by Japonesque, which I got from

I've got high respect for Japonesque tools for their unquestionable quality and performance. Grateful that I was blessed enough to grab hold of their limited edition artisan tweezer*! It's very pretty--and just look at that perfect slant! If you'd like to own one, shop at Apothica because this baby is on sale (as of writing). Shop here.

How about you? What's your most prized beauty tool?