I'm on a budget, Honey

I love using natural and organic products. For makeup, I have to admit that it's very difficult to stick to completely chemical-free cosmetics. I am even at that point where I feel like it's impossible to go for an all-natural cosmetic high... but brands like Human Heart Nature give me hope.

From when they launched their Love Minerals range, a line of all natural mineral cosmetics, I knew hope can spring eternal from this homegrown brand. True enough, here I am completely smitten with their Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation. I have found my perfect shade in Honey. Their Perfect Coverage foundation retails at almost P500, and I know for some that's quite a hefty to shell out for a powder (especially if you think with a colonial mind where you'd refuse to purchase anything local that is tagged as much as imported brands); but know that Perfect Coverage is actually quite affordable considering its performance as a powder .foundation. It perfects the skin for that beautiful canvas ready for your artful makeup, and it is also a hardworking mattifying powder.

Qualms aside, I want to share my compromise secret that helps me continue with my Perfect Coverage love affair without breaking the budget. I stick to the refill. Since I don't really bring my foundation wherever I go (for touch-ups, I use the Mineral Powder in Island Shell, also from Human Nature) and just leave my Perfect Coverage compact at home, I can get away with just buying the refill! It saves me a lot of moolah. The refill is just P295! It comes in a soft plastic case that keeps the pan free from dirt and too much environmental exposure, and it also comes with a spanking new sponge so you can replace your old one every time.

I think it's important to find ways to save or minimize your cosmetic shell out especially for your foundation because it is that part of your beauty routine that you would have to do every day, and resorting to refills surely does the trick! Now my face is perfect, and my wallet isn't as depleted as it would've been! Because part of my New Year's resolution is to become more financially responsible and mature, this little move to using refills for my foundation is quite the change I needed!

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Sharing time! What's your HG foundation? I'd like to know so perhaps I can give it a try too!

To save more, don't forget to read about their ongoing giveaway that I mentioned here!


  1. I try to use more organic and natural products too but like you mentioned, it does get bit difficult when it comes to cosmetics. I'm glad there seems to be more brands that are looking towards organic ingredients ^_^

    I don't think the brand Human Nature is here in aussie?!


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