Dear hair, Please stay colorful and vibrant

I always color my hair. I sometimes do it to commit to a certain change, sometimes to express myself, sometimes to reward myself and sometimes just because I can! I think my hair is cursed to be eternally "damaged" because of this very bad habit, but I regret not the change in color because I know that I have products like Kerastase Reflection Chroma Captive to rely on.

This hairmask is exactly a color-changing hair-nspired person such as I needs in her life. Now I'm inspired to keep a certain hair color longer because I know that it will not end up looking dull and lackluster. Chroma Captive helps retain color vibrancy while also promoting reflective shine, light-to-touch smoothness, and of course, good hair health.

In photo is a sample I got from SampleRoom! Now I'm so excited to get a full sized tub, for only P2,708. Check out my review posted on SampleRoom page.
I bleached my hair twice in one week, so you can only imagine the damage I kissed my locks with. More than anything, I needed a hair treatment that can revitalize the luster of my hair. Of course I know Kerastase will deliver because they have the best elixirs for the oil, ever. I also have previously tried their Oleo relax treatment and that worked like magic too. Now for the Chroma, how did it fare? Fabulously well. When I used the product one night, pre-beauty sleep, I had high expectations but the morning after led me to believe that the product even went beyond. My hair indeed felt smoother and softer and shinier immediately upon drying my hair post-treatment. What swept me off my feet however was the retained softness, smoothness and shine the product embraced my crowning glory with. My hair wasn't even tangled upon waking up! That's something special, this product. I'm looking at trying the range even.

If you want to learn more about what fellow beauty enthusiasts think of Kerastase Chroma treatment mask, visit Cassie's closet at or try this link. If you'd like to try this product for yourself, this is available at select salons. For more information, use this listing c/o SampleRoom!.

What's your dream hair color?


  1. This sounds really great :) my dream hair colour is blonde, and I already am blonde haha!

  2. I've never dyed my hair before but I know I would love using a nice masque though ^_^ hehe I love your hair, how's it doing?! :D


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