A Swirly Foundation Cream

Remember when I blogged about HBC's newest BB cream, one for those with darker skin tone? This link if you haven't seen it yet and if you're curious.

But today is about something else. Alongside with the release of HBC San San's new BB cream is this Foundation Cream* that oh, wow, looks a whole lot like an Olay foundation cream, don't you all think so? This is a dupe, hands down! It is a foundation cream that is swirled with moisturizer so it not only gives you a smooth canvas for makeup but also stands as your basic skincare as well.

This comes in one shade also (bummer) so I can't really do a look with it since it's really off my fair skin tone, but for my fellow Filipina beauties who have a more tanned complexion, you will find this new product as heaven sent. This comes a bit lighter than the BB cream because when you mix the moisturizer and the foundation cream, the shade mellows down. :)

Of course another thing that I would like to commend HBC with it the improvements in their packaging design. The way this product is cased is very proper, hygienic and classy--considering how affordable it is! Great job HBC!

The sad thing that I would have to note about this product other than it being extremely limited in shade options, is its lack of oil control. Of course, technically speaking, you shouldn't be using a foundation cream if your skin is oily, but for a girl with combination skin (and a sporadic need for full coverage--yes, this baby delivers medium to full coverage), I need my oil control.

I used this foundation cream on my little sister and it blended out smoothly and felt soft and supple on her delicate skin. Sadly I can't use her photos because she would kill me if I do haha BUT fortunately, this product is super affordable, if you're curious, you don't have to burn a hole in your pocket just to give this lovely new Foundation Cream a test run. (If you do, please do let me know what you think of it by coming back for a comment of as conveniently as sharing with me your thoughts on my Facebook wall, I really appreciate when you reach out to me)

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What affordable makeup/beauty find do you have to share today?


  1. Ooh the packaging of this look so cool! I think it would be too dark for me though :) they should do some lighter shades :D

  2. The packaging looks clean and the swirl makes it so fun. :)
    Have a great sunday

  3. This looks so interesting. :O Medium-full coverage? I'm sold!
    Thanks for sharing! =)


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