How to have an Only the Good Shower

I love to shower. One very distinctive thing that makes me feel very-Filipino is my love of showers! I think we Filipinos are very clean and hygienic people that shower is pretty much as imperative to a day as rice is to a meal!

So let me share with you the soap that I have been loving the past few weeks, the Human Heart Nature all-natural fragrance-free Cleansing bar! This soap is a much-awaited addition to the Human Nature range, and my golly, was it worth the wait. Patience is definitely a virtue.
Why go for soaps that leave chemical traces on your skin and the environment? Choose only the good!  Our 100% Natural Cleansing Bar harnesses nature’s goodness to wash away the day’s dirt and grime while leaving your skin feeling clean, fresh and moisturized. And because it’s  fragrance-free, your skin is left clean and clear from all synthetic irritants found in chemical soaps.
Did you know: It took us more than two years to develop this soap especially for you because we wanted to make it 100% natural without the EDTA and BHT commonly found in most soaps, while still making it affordable for you and your family. EDTA and BHT are chemical agents that prevent discoloration. According to the Cosmetic Toxin Data, both ingredients can irritate the eyes and skin. EDTA, in particular, is also known as a penetration enhancer as it makes the skin absorb more chemicals, increasing the amount of toxins in our bloodstream.

Read to learn more about this soap.

Above is the full description of the soap plus their pure and gentle ingredients list. I'm just so proud of this soap because with this fragrance-free bar, I can cleanse all I want, without worrying that I'm drying my skin out! The lather is very nice, somewhat creamy even, and I feel fresh and clean every single time.

Since it's the new year, perhaps you would like to consider making a quick change to a kinder shower-buddy for 2013 (and onwards). Switching to an all-natural soap is a quick and easy way to lessen your carbon footprint, thus care for the environment without even needing to commit to such a grave sacrifice. You even care for your body (and nature's welfare) along the way. I think that pretty much makes switching to Human Nature's Cleansing bar a no-brainer choice.

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How about you? What's your favorite soap?

Human Heart Nature kicked this year off with a Facebook giveaway! CONTEST PAGE: 

Start Right, Stay Right is Human Nature's teen campaign that aims to encourage teens to face the world with natural confidence as they begin dealing with changes in and around them. Through this Facebook contest, we want to reach out to moms, titas, ninangs, lolas, YOU - people who can be a great influence to the next generation: your daughters, nieces, inaanaks, apos, in making the right choices in their lives, whether it's about the products they use on their body, the way they view their body, the way they respond to peer pressure, and so on.

Join & spread the word!
1. Think of one thing you wish you knew as a teenager and share it on the contest page along with a picture of yourself (even better if it's a picture of yourself as a teen!)
2. Share the page on your wall and encourage friends and family to join! The contest runs from January 2-23, 2012!



  1. I am also using this. For only PHP50 you get the good shower!

  2. Joining in the discussion! I like how it is fragrance free and really gentle, I think it is also safe for babies, but HN already has a baby range. I just overused my bar so I will be restocking with the same bar soon. I also got my dad the black diamond bar hehehe...

  3. Looks like a really nice soap! I think all these natural soaps are making a strong come back, so many people are anti-sodium lauryl sulfate these days.


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