SAVEvsSPLURGE#1 The Face Shop vs Shiseido face brush

We all love our save and splurge options! Nothing beats the high of finding a quality dupe of a product that leaves a gaping hole on our banks. So today, let me share with you a save and splurge option on one of my favorite things in the world, makeup brushes!

To learn more about the two, read after the jump!
I would like to have the pictures do most of the talking, but as a blurb, I have to say that the Shiseido brush is more expensive for sound reason. The finish you get using the Shiseido brush is more flawless and the brush hair's softer, beyond words. The counterpart by The Face Shop is as good, and is bankable for the affordability it grants, but if you're not the type who has a problem in shelling out a bit more, I would recommend going for the Shiseido brush instead.

The two look a lot alike, but it's in the process of using both when their perfection or flaws comes out.  Brush length, Shiseido comes with a shorter handle. The short handle is meant to offer a more convenient access to control upon application of cosmetics. The shorter handle offers balance so you don't have to worry about having expert-brush handling skills when using your new beauty tool.

As I've mentioned, Shiseido has softer brush hairs but The Face Shop's doesn't fall too far. Both brushes seem to have the same brush hair diameter--not too small, not too big. This is best to apply liquid foundation all over the face, even the corners.

I'm sure there are a lot of other dupes out there. What's your best Dupe discovery?


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