A Christmas Elfette

Last Christmas my little sister became a darling ELFette and gifted me with some E.L.F products. She's been watching quite a number of Youtube beauty gurus so she's no stranger to how well-loved Eyes Lips Face is. I won't take full credit, but I'm also one of the reasons why she's familiar with the brand. ELF has very affordable cosmetics that even sweet teens can enjoy using their high school allowance.

Although quality wise, there would be a bit of flaws on ELF products compared to more premium brands, for everyday use, or even for fund and games, ELF is a brand of choice. My sister gave me this smokey eye palette that is ideal for parties and some sisterly makeover bonding. Some of the eye colors are quite pigmented while some would require a bit of layering. Most are a bit chalky though but all in all, I think the palette is a sensible selection of shades. For more information on ELF products, visit their Facebook fan page.

My sister also gifted me with an ELF Golden Bronzer because, note this, because she took my MAC Terracotta blush. YES, it's not a fair bargain haha but I love her for the gesture. I failed to get a swatch but generally speaking, this bronzer works more like a warm highlighter as it is very shimmery and is not matte like normal bronzers you would reach out to for contouring, etc. :) ELF Philippines online store is finally open so if you'd like to conveniently try their products, you should check them out here.

Aside from ELF, my baby girl also included a Maybelline Cheeky Glow blush in my stash. This is also to replace the Maybelline Bouncy Blush that she took from me! The packaging looks a lot like Bouncy Blush but this isn't in a cream-mousse format. This is a regular powder pan which I don't mind. I'm quite proud in fact because the color my sissy chose, I think this is Apple Cinnamon (?) is very warm and natural. Don't forget to connect with Maybelline Philippines on Facebook!

What do you think of these drugstore finds?


  1. I love how affordable drugstore makeups are and although they have flaws talaga, they can be reliable too :)

  2. What a lovely sister you have! :)
    I like affordable brands but I've never bought from ELF... probably because I'm not so sure about the quality of each product.
    BTW the smokey palette looks fun to use with that eggplant colour!
    Have a great week end!


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