Acai Berries for the eyes

Today I want to share with you my little secret to avoiding fine lines... acai berry eye cream. So ecstatic to reveal this little beauty-buddy because it is a wonderful discovery that I would like for you to also discover yourself. 100% Pure is a brand that I only found out while shopping at (and mind you, they carry so many beauty brands notable of our precious time and attention).

My first 100% Pure product was this Coffee Bean Eye Cream, which was heavenly by the way, and when I noticed I was running out of that eye cream, I just had to go get a new one! For a change, I went for the Acai Berry Antioxidant Eye Cream this time around--and what great decision it was! This eye cream is ideal for people who suffer from early onset of fine lines and ugh, crow's feet! It is creamy yet not sticky, and is absorbed quite well and good by the skin. It also doesn't interfere with my makeup, nor does it sting because it's very gently formulated.

So far, so wonderful. I definitely can imagine committing to this eye cream for a long while.

How about you? How do you prevent fine lines and wrinkles?


  1. I don't really do anything to prevent fine lines and wrinkes... Mostly, I just try not to tug at my eyes and cause more! I'm definitely looking for products though!

  2. I definitely should start using a good eye cream for prevention purposes. :D


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