How to be Blonde in 7 days

One of my greatest fantasy's to have blonde hair. I blame Media, magazines, Disney, and barbies!

But whoever's fault it is, I had a very strong and consistent #blondeambition--which I recently achieved! So today let me share with you some thoughts from the Blonde Zone, so you too, can make your blonde wishes come true!

This Blonde Expedition comes in waves. First wave is below, a rusty golden yellow blonde which was the end result of my first bleach. To those who don't know, this is the first time I ever bleached my hair. Was I scared? OH HELL YEAH. But I trusted the person bleaching my hair so if it's your first time too, and you're going military style aka DIY (do-it-yourself), bleach with someone you can trust.

Hello, stranger.

To bleach my hair, I needed only two products and a few tools here and there.

Tools first: we used an old plastic bowl (to mix the bleach), a spoon (dedicated for hair color, please don't use the utensils you use for eating), applicator (not in photo, it's a simple brush comb for hair dye application--so the formula is spread evenly) and cling wrap (to wrap the head when you leave the bleach on your strands to do its magic)

For the Bleach: we used HBC products. This isn't my first time to color treat my hair with HBC products and they are very good, aside from being very affordable. The Oxidizing Lotion we used is the 12% one. The higher the percent, the stronger color it can create. The bleaching powder (small bottle) is just P99.75, and for my hair length, I think only half was used, maybe even less.

Basically, you just mix the two products until you have, what my smart GFF said, pancake batter texture. You should mix the bleaching powder well enough with the lotion to achieve this batter. No lumps please. As for the quantity, you can only just estimate depending on your hair length and thickness of your hair.

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Once you achieved your batter, you just apply this on your hair in thin sections, very quickly please as the hair would start fading color and you would want to have an even blonde hair tone of course. Once done, wrap with cling wrap, secure this tightly, and rinse after say 30minutes (that's how long I kept mine on).

If you experience itchiness or burning, please rinse off. Or at least spray water on the area to dilute the solution that is irritating your skin/scalp. Of course as precautionary measure, you should check if you're allergic to bleach in the first place, but in case it's too late and you found out that you have very sensitive scalp, just rinse off as soon as possible.

Scared ya didn't I? Well, in bleaching's defense, it isn't that bad at all. Like I said, this story will come in waves. So after my first bleach, which I absolutely loved by the way, I decided to re-bleach, so the blonde would grow lighter. In an ideal world, I will have platinum blonde hair, but who are we kidding here. Asian black hair is hard to "platimize".

So for my second bleach, I did the very same thing and achieved a lighter yellow blonde hair. Less rust, less gold, more sunny brightness. The two photos below are taken on the same day, above was around 8:30AM and below was around 7:00PM. I figured it'd be nice for you to see my blonde hair against the sun and the moon's loving warmth.

To those curious, it's actually better than you think it is. Photo below is an unfiltered shot of my hair as I stood in front a glass door, embracing a noontime sunny glaze. Upon second bleach, I feel closer to my goal--thank goodness my hair responds well with HBC's bleaching powder.

As of writing, I'm considering a third bleach. I'm just giving my hair a break because I did something I shouldn't have done, and that is bleach my hair twice in one week! LOL My hair is very dry right now, although fortunately not brittle or rubbery. Just dry--which I'm sure a religious use of hair treatment can help improve.

Maybe in a week or so, I would re-bleach, hopefully situation permits and GFF gets to. If not, my current blonde is pretty enough, right?

What do you think of my blonde hair? I am enjoying my hair so much right now. I feel like I should have been born blonde!


  1. It suits you so well!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  2. HOLY COW!!!!! Mother of Jesus!!!

    I want to be blonde too, but I'm way too scared! It looks great on you. I really like the color after the second bleaching! The third photo and the last photo are nice pictures of your haircut, I can see the nice angle.

    I really am curious as to how this is going to play out. How are you going to handle the new hair growth? Keep bleaching or grow out your natural hair color again? :0

    1. hihihi I know I mentioned to you that I want to be blonde beforehand. haha so here's the execution! You should try it! At least once in your life! It's fun! Such a complete change! :D

      I shall be maintaining it by bleaching the new hair growth. :) Although I shall update everyone should I be able to get a third bleach.

      Then once I've decided I'm done being blonde, I'll color my hair red. Then it'd be fiercer because it's blonde to red, than black to red. :)

  3. yey for blonde ambition! i have tried a lot of colors but i keep going back to blonde :) you look so pretty in blonde!

    1. Thank you Cherie! how do you color your hair blonde?

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you!! :D I was happy it wasn't horrific!

  5. I would have to say, that bleaching technique I owe to a very good teacher. Beautiful as always, gff :)

  6. you're so brave! i dont think i could ever bleach my hair lol. i especially adore that second pic of you, your hair and makeup look so cute!

  7. I use HBC products to color my hair too! Hahaha! B, I so want this color. Ikaw ang peg ko!

  8. Oh and another thing, did you bleach your eyebrows to match your hair color as well?

  9. Kpag nag bleach kaba blonde yung lalabas na color?

  10. updates on third bleaching? :D


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