Gone botanical for 7-days

A week ago, I decided to go on a skincare challenge. Well, it's not much of a challenge as it has proven itself to be an enjoyable adventure. This ride I took with Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal 7-day program for normal to combination skin was quite a thrilling experience.

The 7-day program includes three Yves Rocher products: a Hydrating Cleansing Milk* for a gentle yet effective cleanse, removing dirt, oil and sebum on the face; a Hydrating Toner* for a perfectly refreshes skin leaving a radiance that glows; and a 24-hour Intense Hydrating Gel Cream* for a moisturized face without a sticky feel or an icky residue.

With the 7-days that I got cared for by Yves Rocher products, I found myself completely in love with the Hydrating Milk Cleanser. It smells delightful and is very gentle on my usually tired and sleepless skin. It left me feeling, not just clean, but more so relaxed and pampered after every wash. I know a week isn't enough to see full results, but I'm very happy with how this set performs, quite pleased enough to go out of my way to grab a full sized bottle of the Cleansing Milk!

The gel cream on the other hand is perfect for my skin because of its gel-type consistency. To know more about Yves Rocher products, please don't forget to like Yves Rocher Philippines on Facebook.

What's your skin type? How do you care for it? Don't forget to share with me your experience with any other Yves Rocher product so I will make sure I try those out when I visit their store.


  1. Oooh thanks to this post, I remembered I have a sample set as well. So excited to use the three, especially the cleansing milk! I don't even know what I'm waiting for. Haha I'm gonna use them na later:)

  2. I have their serum vegetal face cream, overall it's okay. What I don't like about it is that it is very perfume-y. A bit much for me, I like things lightly scented. Some other people might like it. I probably will use it again in the spring/summer, but right now it's not enough moisture.


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