Extend your lashes

How many times do we have to read how our eyes are the windows of our soul before we believe it? Once.

So today let me share with you my first and to date, only dip on Rimmel's Lycra Lash Extender Mascara*. Unfortunately, I don't have an on-lash swatch for this one, but just continue reading and I'll do my very best to give you an accurate description of what it's like to be able to extend your fluttering lashes.
Last year, I got to do a swap with the love JellyKiss.com. For drugstore makeup, I told her I was curious with Rimmel and she was very generous enough to grab some mascaras for me. They were on sale, she said! Nothing beats value for money, so yes I'm very happy to share that Rimmel puts products on markdown prices. If you live in an area where this brand is available, I would recommend you follow their ongoing or upcoming beauty promotions so you get more out of the money you worked hard for.

Generally speaking there was nothing special about this mascara. It's supposed to extend your lashes, and it did boost the length of my lashes a little bit, but it wasn't on that aspect that I appreciated this Lycra Lash Extender. Its wand, as you can see below, has fine brushes that really helps separate the lash hairs from the other. You see, ladies, when your lashes are not clumped up like they do when you use a volumizing mascara, your eyes look fresher and more natural. It's like having fairy lashes. They don't overpower because they're just beautiful in a very subtle way. To illustrate further the lovely formulation of this mascara, I brushes the mascara at the back of my hand so you can see how completely clump-free it is. Not to mention, jet black!

I can't say I'm completely impressed but I really appreciate how this mascara introduced me to light-mascara makeup since I'm so used to using thickening mascaras on a daily basis. It can get very tiring and heavy and dramatic to use every day so for a fresh but subtle change, this Lycra Lash Extender did the trick.

What's your favorite mascara?


  1. Funny you posted this today! I was just trying out a new mascara and was thinking to myself, "Why isn't this working for me??" Then I realized it was more about the wand than the mascara formula! The last 3 mascaras I've been trying out, the wand has been the same,...all were the thick ones for creating volume than lengthening! Reading your review on this mascara has me curious about the one that I bought for myself when I got those mascaras for you! I have it stashed so it will be the next one I try!


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