Today's Quick Beauty Fix: find more ways to use your favorite beauty product

You don't need a lot of make-up to create a fresh and inspired day look. All you need are two kinds of foundations, the liquid and the pressed powder type.

Oh, you're probably wondering now what I mean by that? Well, here's a pretty exciting discovery. So I was playing with one of my Human Heart Nature Love Minerals MineralPressed Powder Foundations when I realized.. hey!!! Coolio! Now I let photos speak for themselves!

Using HBC Soleil Liquid Foundation, apply an even but light layer of lliquid foundation on your face and neck. I love this product because it has a "BB Cream" finish. It minimizes appearances of broken skin, break-outs (or in my case, semi-break-outs). It also conceals dark circles (see photo below as it pretty much shows th gravity of my eye-luggage problem; yet see how it is covered up well by Soleil Liquid Foundation)
For your day make-up, let your skin breathe by wearing minimal cosmetics. :) See, I'm not even wearing mascara! I just curled my lashes :)
Now the fun part.

Whip out your Human Heart Nature Love Minerals Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation in BORACAY BRONZE and pat a slightly thick layer unto your cheek bones. Watch it work like it were a bronzer!!! See photos below. (TIP: yes, you don't need a brush for this, you can just use your beauty fingers!) BUT IF YOU WANT A BRUSH... TO WIN A SIGMA F80 BRUSH THAT IS, CLICK HERE.
Have fun!

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  1. I love it. It's very fresh and natural!

  2. great! i love human nature mineral make up too but never thought of using the pressed powder as blush on. will surely try this!


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