On staying pure & natural

Since I became cosmetics' prodigal daughter, two things never ran out in my bag: a pouch of tissues and wet wipes.

I feel like I need to have both because dry tissues I use for blotting make-up, oily skin, wiping things hihi and cleaning make-up (especially when trying products at malls/beauty counters, I practice wiping off make-up samples because you should know those samples are fested with basteria!!!). . . On the other hand, I use wet wipes for cleaning my hands, sometimes body too!

Wet wipes are really important to me because I feel itchy sometimes, like you know, my brain sometimes feel so irritable and itchy in certain occasions. I don't know why, but it happens. Sometimes I sit and feel uncomfortable in my chair and in my mind I feel like germs are attacking me hence the need to wet-wipe-myself-clean!

However, what I don't like about wet wipes is the fact that I associate it to baby's pwet! haha Luckily, Nivea's Pure and Natural wipes came into the picture. It doesn't smell like "ass-wipes" at all! So great, no more awkward wiping-the-face-with-wet-wipes moments!

Nivea's really coming out as a big player even in the natural skin care line/range upon launching their Pure and Natural line, which includes a complete range of nature's-wonders-powered underarm care products. But before I share my thoughts about their deos, let me just focus on sharing with you Nivea BABY's Pure and Natural baby wipes.

You should try it because: 1) You should start 'em young (in terms of going natural). and 2) You will always be your mama's baby. :)

Seriously though, this is such a pleasant addition to my heavy daily bag. :)


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  1. I never really got into the habit of carrying wet tissues around... Maybe I should! LOL

  2. i guess i will try your suggestion :) thanks


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