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Having perfect skin isn't just about the right skin care product. Sorry to the lazy ones, but it is a regimen, a habit developed. Those who aren't serious about taking care of themselves would find this a difficult feat, but those who do care, would not mind at all. It is for YOU anyway.

So let's talk about shedding skin. We do want to rid ourselves of the past's scars right? One of the easiest way to do this is by peeling. Here are my two recommendations: micropeeling and microdermabrasion. 

Here's the best part... you can do both AT HOME!

I love do-it-at-home treatments! :D

My review for Bare Naturals EMU Micropeeling Soap has been up so I would like for you to visit it to know more. Visit this link.

I recommend this for those who want to whiten or to fade out their body scars. It's the cheapest alternative to dermatologist treatments that I've found in the market! It's roughly $4?


Diamonds are a girl's best friend. If you haven't tried a diamond peel I would recommend try one stat! Try a professional clinic diamond peel first and then realize the benefits it brings to the table. Afterwards, since most diamond peels cost $$ check out this precious portable little baby you can actually take with you at home, perfect for your weekly use and even a great addition to your girl's night-in.

It looks like a shell! :D

The diamond powdered suction head. This helps you get rid of dull skin, to effectively reveal younger layers of you!
The Portable Diamond Peel Machine was a Christmas gift to me from Ms. Lorie who was personally one of the sweetest ladies I have met in this beauty industry. Her sweetness is so sincere it would really warm your heart every time she sends a post-it your way ;p

I would've shared an earlier review for this but I had to try it right! And at first it was more of fun and games for me, but eventually, the effects showed. It started to become a stress-relieving habit even. I just love how it sucks all my stress away!

To use it, all you would need is a cotton ball, toner and sunblock (well the sunblock is more of a general everyday use so with or without a diamond peel machine, use one!) It's so simple to use, all you have to do is cleanse your face (naturally speaking, you have to!), and after toning, just glide the diamond-powdered head unto your face and neck, following single upward strokes starting with your forehead to your hairline, cheeks to your ears, then neck to your jawline. For the nose, it's the only area you would have to diamond peel with a downward glide. :)

You can repeat with the steps twice, maybe thrice if you set the machine on low, but don't go overboard! You don't want to do more harm. Repeat after three to five days, roughly twice a week. You'll see results immediately!

Happy peeling!



  1. i love that title!! kahit cheesy! hahaha... that thing is interesting, I think I need something like that...

    anyhoo, just droppin by to say thank you for followin my blog & for your sweet comment... of course pwede ka magleave ng tagalog comment... mas cool nga eh... =)

    just followed you back... looking forward to seeing more posts from u...

    hope to see u around sis =)

  2. I didn't know these existed!! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  3. Hi do you have any idea where i can buy the portable diamond peel machine? And how much? Thanks:) btw i love you blogs:) stay safe:)

  4. Dear anonymous, I wish you didnt leave an anonymous comment so i can make sure you receive my reply. but anyway, you can buy the portable diamond peel machine at any HBC branch, or online at

  5. Microdermabrasion can help control and lessen acne outbreaks. It's popular for this reason among the teenagers and if you've been with adult acne, it can seem like a lifesaver. It can also work along side other acne treatments you may be prescribed.
    Diamond peel

  6. how much for the machine?


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