Just a question

I'm listening to Beyonce's Irreplaceable (click the link to get the mp3). Frankly, I find this song quite comforting. I remember back in college, I borrowed a friend's iPod just to listen to this song on repeat, the entire day. It's "irreplaceable" for something, right. Listen to it on VEVO here: Irreplaceable

I've been trying to upload something for work for hours! But the net keeps on getting cut off. I don't understand! I feel slightly frustrated, but thanks to the many blogs I follow, I feel the calm of my storm. I visited random websites from my feed and enjoyed my while. Then I realized, wow, that's a pretty long lollygag sesh.

So yesterday we saw Harry Potter 7 pt2. It was so intense. I felt the heaviness of it all. I'm no huge Harry Potter fan but it felt so meaningful, to see the movie. I feel so old.

Then I was thinking... wouldn't it be nice to be the chosen one? In so many things, wouldn't it be nice to be chosen?

I had to remove one of my friendship bracelets because it was starting to itch. Then I realized, holy, I can't find my keys to  the cabinet I share with my mom :( I need to find that. And then I realized, wow. . . I lose a lot lately! Makes me sad.
I used the palette my friend Dindin gave me and I feel it matched my mood perfectly.

What are you ready to risk?