Book to Basics #45 The Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason

Who doesn't like mystery books? I love these type of books as much as suspense thrillers make me scream (whether when watching at home or a movie house, I know! Kahiya!)

While I was manning our booth at a local activity spear-headed by our branch, I downed The Rule of Four. It made me realize how hooked I am to historical fiction-meets-mystery!

I enjoyed it because it's the type of "pocketbook" that didn't weigh me down. I like it because it has a way of saying how our history reveals the map to our self-discoveries.

By the way, this book has an interesting sub-plot telling a story of love vs "career". I like it a lot. It's a subtle yet very effective way of showing how we should value things... every thing.

Now listen to the beautiful (song and singer) Maps. Oh, if you have the acoustic version of this song, please please email me?

The heart melting mind-blowing acoustic performance of Maps.(Which I'm hefty sure I've shared before already... I really love this song, and I'm desperate to have this)

Got The Rule of Four from a local book sale, for only Php 97!
Always smile! :)


  1. Is this a Da Vinci Code type book? :-)

  2. i read the rule of four when it was released in the phils. :) the first part was rather dragging but i did enjoy reading it! if you're into those kinds of novels i also suggest you read the last templar. =)


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