Etude House Bubble Hair Color in Wide Red

I love Etude House! It's so pink and frilly. If it were a dress, it's definitely ruffled and polka-dotted: pink and white. Whenever I need an effective reminder of how much I love being a girl, Etude House is the way! It used to be "play Barbie" but who needs Mattel when there's EH?

Recently I received pretty wonderful comments on this photo:

Makes me think you all want me to be porcelain fair against fierce flaming red hair! Hmm..

Like I shared, the photo above was edited to high light contrast but nonetheless the secret behind it is Revlon Color Luminista in Red.

Here's the unedited ex-status of my hair color (ex because I just colored again, which is the reason why I'm doing this blog post!)

Love my curls? Like this post for a how to.
Anyway, because of your love, and my roots showing haha, I figured it's time to re-color. I don't have fabulous hair so I'm almost never afraid of coloring hair since I pretty much got nothing to lose. Luckily, I've never had bad hair coloring experiences yet!

So I tried Etude House Bubble Hair Color in #2 Wine Red.

Here's the shade it promises...

Here's what you get in the box (cute dispenser, yes?)
It comes with a hair color dispenser, hair coloring agent, huge plastic wrap, for your body! and gloves, the real hospital kind not the typical plastic ones that usually comes inside DIY hair color boxes; and hair treatment. GREAT TREATS 
I don't read Korean but I love how simple and properly illustrated the instructions are! It even came with a tip on how to use your dispenser for your coloring convenience! (Don't throw the box as it will help you keep your color dispenser upright during application)

I love it because it's gentle, I didn't even have to cover my ears unlike when applying hair color using ranges from other brands! The pack also came with a plastic wrap which I used as a cape to protect my clothes! No more wearing rag clothes when coloring at home!

All you have to do is apply the foamy bubbly solution to your hair, as if you're shampooing! I left in on my hair for 30 minutes! I didn't even use a shower cap anymore. I stayed in the shower and scrubbed my body while waiting :)

Here's what the bubble solution looked like (sorry it's kinda massacre site-looking haha)

When coloring, have wet wipes lying around. You can use this in tidying up your mess and in wiping off excess hair color that may possible irritate your skin--but in my case that didn't happen!

Here's a last look of my Revlon hair (night-time room lighting)

I colored at night so I took "after" pictures upon waking up the next day. Here, sorry my hair's not even combed in the photo haha so frizzy!

Here's a close-up of my new wine red locks!

Color your hair when it's clean and dry. I found hair color works better on dry hair than towel dry hair! I used to color with towel dry hair.
Use the Hair Treatment that comes with your hair color and maximize it. Do not be in a hurry. Leave it on your hair longer if you want. Compared to Revlon, EH's bubble hair color left my hair stiff but after using the hair treatment--which smelled so wonderfully by the way, it became super silky soft! It's magic!
Comb using wide-toothed comb especially when your hair is wet. Coloring may have damaged your hair leaving it extra-sensitive than it already is when wet.

Are you going to color your hair? Will you try Etude House Bubble Hair Color? What shade are you planning on getting?



  1. Ohh pretty! I love the red shade! :) I got one in Natural Brown, and will be using it soon. I hope the color comes out. My hair is kinda stubborn. A hair stylist once told me my hair was too black. :O

  2. Beautiful! During the Etude House sale, I was all ready to grab this particular box but my mom didn't want me to dye my hair because my hair fall might get worse. :-(

    It looks amazing though. :-)

  3. @Helen please try na your brown Bubble color! PLS link me up! I'd love to see yours! Might miss it :)

    @Michelle I didn't go to the EH sale LOL was too afraid I'd buy too much. :) Hair fall? You should use Human Nature's Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner line. I know you've tried HN na eh. It will do wonders. My hair fall's painful but was healed bec of that range!

  4. Parang gusto ko na rin tuloy magcolor. Hahaha. I've never tried coloring my hair, nor have I gotten any hair treatment. In short, my hair is still a "virgin" hahahaha.

    How much is the Etude House hair color? :)

  5. Love the red color. It looks fabulous! I always wanted red hair, but I didn't dare it :P

  6. nice color:)

  7. I just dyed my hair yesterday and I'm lovin' wine red :) I just hope that the color won't easily fade...I guess we just have to wait and see. Red looks beautiful on you! :)

  8. Hi Kumiko! :) I finally used the hair color! Here's the link: :)


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