Last Saturday Night @ Urban Athletics

Lots of photos coming up!

Last Saturday night, I got to meet Manhattan Portage winners at Urban Athletics. Wow, was it a challenge to host photos! But here are some photos sent to me by Ed, our hunky Mr. MP grand prize winner. :)

Aww... love collages!

Happy winner face

Flaunting our beloved MP bags... while secretly wanting the shimmery tote bag.

Now, snaps from my camera:

Was trying my best to capture the flashy MP logo at the store window! Couldn't!

Manhattan Portage had numerous movie appearance already! So interesting to know that they're in movies I've seen! Feels like I now belong because I have one too!

So while waiting for Air and Lhara, they browsed through the MP display.

While I am trigger happy :) I want the shiny ones!

Photo-op (From L-R: Ed, Princess, Ferdie, Me!)

Winners photo-op


I kept on asking them which they wanted and so funny to know that just like I experienced it, when they saw 55DSL bag, they couldn't take their eyes off it as well! I am My Person campaign grand prize winner chose it of course! 

Uy, love life. :D

Lots of love from happy people,



  1. love your white n orange {or pink?} combo xox


  2. never really had the chance to visit mp boutique but the bags look really nice.i better drop by one of these days.

  3. That was an awesome experience! Haha and I love the comments :)

    Best Regards on your blog, Kumi! Two thumbs up!


  4. Wow, I love those bags. I hope to get one :)


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