Harajuku Lovely

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Sometimes it takes a certain effort to live up to my name.

Fancy the ribbons?

I love sexy heels. I love when their curve is suave, point fierce.

I couldn't stop looking at it when I saw it on display at Rustans Alabang.

Surprisingly, it's so comfortable.

Php 4,950 (got it on sale for only Php 2,200!)

Juliet Capulet eyes goes to Japan:



  1. Those heels are so F-I-E-R-C-E! :D

  2. The shoes are so sexy! :D And I love your eyes, they're so expressive. It's so fun to put on makeup on eyes like yours. With mine, I have no space to put on a lot of eye shadows. :))

  3. I LOVE HARAJUKU LOVERS!!! Most especially their bags. :)


  4. Oh wow! So jealous! I often ogle the Harajuku Lovers store online but can never justify buying something I haven't seen in person for so much money. It's a shame there aren't any in England.

    Very jelly (:

  5. those shoes are great and the eye makeup is something i would want to try soon! :D

    much love,

  6. yay! i love your sexy shoes .. seriously jealous! >.< so fab!


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