Toby's Arena at Shangri-la Mall

Wow! Ever been busy enough to find yourself posting a long-drafted blog post only to type out the words few weeks after? This post has been in my drafts folder for days, apparently weeks, now and I just can't believe how fast time flies!

Does it get to you? How fast seem to be flying by? Oh boy, I think it's time to post something time-beauty-related. :)

But for the mean time, I'm sharing with you what I found out in my favorite-est mall in the metro. Definitely EDSA Shangri-la Msll. It's pretty much my haven mall since college. I haven't been to there as much as would want to but every time I'm in that cozy place, I feel calm. I don't even need to shop to feel satisfied.

Toby's revamped to Toby's Arena! (beside Mercury Drug, near Zara and The White Hat Frozen Yogurt)

Inside you find three stores! It's a one-stop shop for fitness enthusiast, street fashionistas and of course those who want to look cute while running the mill (think Close-up White Now commercial!).

You'll find Runnr (the whole Footworx station)  at Toby's Arena. In Manila, it used to only be Runnr High Street which offered this store feature.(Visit this link to know about it!). Now it's even more accessible, cause really, how much more accessible can you be when you're in the heart of Metro Manila, connected to an MRT line?

To see Footworx in action, see this link:

Of course, there's Toby's Sports at Arena. I love how organized Arena is cause most sports stores, Sports included, are cramped and busy! Glad Arena left their messy days behind.

See! Organized! Now it's easier and even more enticing to look for your winning piece.

(I love the pink selections!)

It's also very well-lit so again, the dark days are over. Don't you just hate it? How sports specialty shops are always too cramped to move around in? Like come on, I know you want to sell me things but let me shop naman! By shop I mean enjoy a shopping experience! Glad Toby's Arena found balance between display and chaos.

More Runnr stuff.

Other than Runnr and Toby Sports, Arena also includes Urban Athletics! Urban Athletics is very close to home when it comes to orienting/enticing/introducing me to street fashion! Check out my recent partnership with the store! UA helped me add the oomph factor and of course share some happy-joy-joy love to my loyal followers. Visit this link to know more!

So what do you think of the Arena? Ready to look cool?

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