Book to Basics #44 The Bombshell Manual of Style by Laren Stover

Now for something fun! You like?

Check out the book The Bombshell Manual of Style! Remember when I read a book about casual sex LOL visit this link... well, here's what came next to that book. It took me forever to put this up because I thought I lost the book, but so glad I found it this Sunday morning. :)

Read about what you should have in the fridge, it's not food! and what you should change your name to, tips on naming you sexy are in this book! 

Whether you're serious in following this book to sexydom, or for the heck of it, especially if you're fascinated by how pin-up girls must have been livin' the life (their lives), then this book would entertain you.

For those who can't find this book, cause I just bought this of a Book Sale for Php 40!!! Here's a video:

Remember VS Bombshell collection, channel it by studying the looks described/featured on this clip.

More tips. Why not practice the accent? :)

Speaking of Bombshell, I think Rihanna is smokin' hot in this video. I do love the reggae mashed with her hiphip styletoo! :)

Get away with anything by just changing your state of mind!

Always smile! :)


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