Charm Travel Pro V.3

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Spiderman 3 is ultimately one of my top favorite movie trailers of all time. Watch it below

Intense, right?

Which brings me to my brush by brush feature of Charm Travel Pro V.3 from Beauty and Minerals. This feature would showcase a bunch of before and after pics simply comparing Charm Travel Pro V.2 to V.3

The Brush Case

It is undeniable that the Charm Travel Pro V.2 offers the right range of make-up brushes to achieve professional application for people-on-the-go. I remember selling my Dollface Brush Set when I got hold of my Charm Travel Pro Set last year. It was the easiest decision I ever made which relates to letting go of make-up related products. I got the set for Php1,800 (I hope I remembered it right) plus there were freebies with my set. In fact, yeah I just recalled, I got this set after being released from the Hospital due to Dengue. When I got home to my package, I also gave away my Ellana Minerals Kabuki brush! That's how satisfied I was with my brush set.

Few months after, the popular brush travel set had a make-over. Below is my new Charm Travel Pro V.3 set. Promise, when I opened the package and saw how sleek black the faux leather case is, I was shunned. I really love it. I also love how the hot pink zipper spiced things up. :) 

More than anything though, I love the strap! I love pouches with straps be it for my kikay kit, cellphone case, and now brush set! I have brush rolls and cylinders... this is my first strapped pouch for a brush set. I find it very convenient.

Cases Opened

To give Charm Travel Pro 2 justice, I grabbed a photo from Beauty and Minerals website just to show how it looked like originally, especially because I also gave away my Travel Pro's lip brush when I got my Charm Pro's black lip brush. :) Wow, it just dawned on me how much I love Charm brushes. :) Three sets, and counting? Of course.

My Charm Travel Pro V.2 now. :)
Again, I'm missing a lip brush there. :)
And now the Charm Travel Pro V.3... look how beautiful it had grown!
I have an extra brush showing in the set. I'm not sure if it's for sale,  I understand it to be a prototype? Sophie of Beauty and Minerals shared it with me for product testing. She sent me two actually. I'm also road testing an improved brush... I missed to ask if it's not for release yet so I won't be mentioning much about it for now. :)
Aesthetic wise, it's a grand slam win for V.2. I swear the shocking hot pink got me by my neck. If there is an American Idol type "Brush Idol" competition, Charm Travel Pro V.3 is in it to win it! 

What I love most is the improvement with the pockets. I didn't like the plastic pockets of V.2. I was always afraid I'd tear it up carelessly or when in a hurry. I'm pretty sure it will be torn someday cause it's plastic; but with V.3, I can really see it lasting longer. Plus I love how it's cloth so I can wash it unlike the former which is plastic. I can only wipe things off... and once it's stained, I would just have to deal with it.

Brush Variety

Similar to American Idol, to win, the brush set should be able to commit variety unto the table. V.2 had 12 brushes while V.3 had 14. Here are the brushes so we can compare them as we count. :)

Charm Travel Pro V.2: 1. Dual Fibre Brush 2. Powder Brush 3. Angled Blush Brush 4. Jumbo Concealer Brush 5. Multi-purpose Eyeshadow and Blending Brush 6. Pencil Point Brush 7. Contour Eye/Nose Brush 8. Flat Liner Brush 9. Angled Liner Brush ( for eyebrows and eyeliner ) 10. Pointed Eyeliner Brush 11. Brow Spoolie Brush 12. Retractable Lip Brush
Charm Travel Pro V.3:1. Stippling Brush 2. Powder Brush 3. Foundation Brush 4. Angled Blush Brush 5. Concealer Brush 6. Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush 7. Blending Brush 8. Pencil Point Brush 9. Angled Eyeshadow Brush 10. Flat Liner Brush 11. Bent Eyeliner Brush 12. Eyebrow Shading Brush 13. Brow Spoolie 14. Lip Brush

COMMERCIAL: I'm listening to this right now. It's so catchy! I'm crazy in love with make-up brushes. :)

Anyway...starting with the Stippling Brush.

They both have cute chubby handles, which I am a fan of, but I love the colors of V.3s handles. It follows the car-screeching outstanding sheen of Black and Hot pink. The Hot Pink ferrule has a matte metal finish which makes it look so much prettier. 

As you can also see, the bristles have a more defined body on V.3 unlike V.2. I'm sure it's not just because my V.3 is new. Check out V.2 Stippling Brush here, the photo shows a new set and it is obvious that there's a huge difference when it comes to the brush hairs. :) 

Now you judge the two duo-fibers. Left brush is the stippling brush from Charm Travel Pro V.2 while the one on the right side is from Charm Travel Pro V.3.

How about the Powder Bushes?

I like my V.2's Powder brush cause it's white hair. I'm sure some of you try to avoid white brush hairs but I fancy them They compel me to maintain my brushes religiously... plus white brush hairs remind me to tend to my beauty tools properly as well.Moreover, V.2 had softer brush hairs. I am not a fan of the mild chemical smell of the brushes. I'm going to wash it over again so it will be gone entirely. If it doesn't work, I will spritz Human Heart Nature Citrus Burst spray sanitizer on my new face brushes so my brushes would smell fresh :)
Notice how my white brushes stay clean? :) Please do so I can give myself a pat on the back.
Product Pick-up challenge using Lola Cosmetics Pure Pearl Light Diffuser.

Angled Blush Brush is next.

Similar to the stippling brushes, the angled blush brush of V.3 had better form.

Product Pick-up challenge (I'm using one of my current favorite blushes, it's from San-San. It has a wonderful peachy shade plus super cheap for a stay-all-day-long blush, galing)

Which Concealer Brush would you prefer?

V.2 had a Jumbo concealer brush while V.3 had a regular sized concealer brush. I like the jumbo more cause it's cute! haha but I tried the latter and of course there's more precision with the smaller concealer brush (ie. for under-eye coverage). To those who have the Jumbo concealer brush, say aye if you love using it to cover up redness all over your face.

Pretty right?

Liquid Foundation Brush

I must say I prefer the brush hairs of Charm Pro, it is longer and had a less synthetic feel. But for a travel-sized brush, V.3's offer serious punches. In it to win it? Definitely.

Wet/Dry Eye shadow Brush, Blending Brush, Pencil Point Brush, Angled Eye shadow Brush

These are brushes I find "spill-proof". They're easy to find, easy to choose and maintain. There's not much comparison to be made especially with the aesthetics of this brushes so I'll just caption my comments. :)

Your ordinary eye shadow brush, made prettier. I do appreciate the length of this brush. The handle is not inconveniently short. Easy to use :) Great for hurried make-up (like those who rush their beautification regimen).
The Blending Brush of V.3 is longer. :) I like it. I love using blending brushes especially in achieving a smokey eye because you don't want your smokey eye to look like an architectural plan, right? Blending is key to perfection.

V.3 Pencil Point Brush naman is shorter :)

V.2 Flat Liner brush is also longer than V.3

On close-up, the flat liner brush with the wider bristle body is...

Solo picture for the V.3 Flat Liner Brush:

Likewise, the Angled Eye Shadow brush from V.2 is longer but the brush hair of V.3's is more defined.

Applauding the form.

Eyebrow brush

It wouldn't be difficult to find someone to agree with me that having the perfect brows makes or breaks a look. I love how the eyebrow brush from V.3 has the stiffer bristles? cause V.2's eyebrow brush had soft bristles which I don't like much. 

Along with having my perfect eyebrow defining brush, is the Spoolie. I failed to host the comparative shot for the spoolies of V.2 and V.3 but I hope this solo shot would speak for itself.

Bent Eye liner brush

V.3 is shorter which I find easier to handle.

Lastly, the popular Lip brushes...


It's so long right?? haha You may choose to use the lip brush like that: attached, so you won't lose the metal cover. But if you find it difficult to handle, then don't attach the two ends. :)

Okay, now I play with my brushes! Will let you know more about these tools after a few days! For now, let me know what your thoughts are about the make-up brushes!

If you want to get your own, do order from Sophie at Beauty and Minerals. Charm Brushes are also available at PurBeauty, Serendra :)

Thank you Sophie for developing such an improved line!

Like this post if you want a Charm Travel Pro Set too! (Shipping is free so go ahead and order one, then let's compare notes!)

Always smile! :)


  1. Great review!! I looove the brush case outside thingy! It's so pretty! :-)

  2. You should buy some! last time ang daminaubusan ng V.2. It's really worth it! :D

  3. Great review! Love the case for them x

  4. These brushes are so cute! I like the stubby handles. Haha and they're pink so I like them even more :]

  5. I've been wanting to get a travel set from Sophie. They look so cute. Now, Im more convince I need this in my life. haha. Thank you for the review

  6. Nice post! Great review!
    Absolutely well done!
    P.S. I'm gonna introduce this blog to my wife, she's gonna love it. :)


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