Beauty Questions for my first Sigma Giveaway now 11-20

Been listening to Adel's 21 album lately. I'm not sure if it pretty much accounts to my brooding mood, but undeniably, Adele is amazing. Loved her since 19.

Anyway, speaking of 19, which is my favorite number, here's my much-awaited 11 to 20 answers to the Sigma Beauty Questions sent my way. I hope none of you think I'm delaying or I'm ignoring your emails. I do read them all, they're in one hefty album called "Beauty Q". Thanks to Gmail and its stars, I get to mark emails I have yet answered and those I have replied to already. Frankly, and I say this with utmost sincerity... I don't want to miss you messages! (This is pretty much the reason, too, why I require comment approval for all the comments received by this blog.)

Beauty Question 11
"My beauty question is does scratching the skin really cause strechmarks? My sister-in-law says it's true especially during pregnancy. I was just wondering about it. Thanks for this giveaway. It's really nice. You're from the Philippines, right? So, salamat po :)"

Thank you for your beauty myth-related question! I do have my share of myths but as I go about immersing myself to more beauty-info, studies and even research, I get to bust some of these myths I have grown up following.

But trust me... it's a practice that takes time to dissipate.

Does scratching cause stretchmarks? No. Judging by the name, stretchmarks are caused by the sudden stretching of the skin... but more than what it revealed on the surface, it is also the sudden un-stretching of the skin which causes these marks. Our skin is remarkably elastic. How then is it possible to swallow a watermelon (carry a baby) without our skin's ability to stretch and accommodate the width. However, unlike rubber band, our skin can't automatically go back to it's old form after a stretch.

Beauty Question 12
"Here is my question, I am just new in doing makeup and I've been searching for a good eyeliner pencil. I've been wanting to own UD 24/7 eye pencil but I'm still saving for it since I wanted the set. Anyway, with my question what is a good alternative of the UD 24/7 eye pencil that is long lasting and won't smudge either expensive or inexpensive one (but prefer cheap and better alternative). Hope you could answer my question. Thanks!"

I avoid ID so much because I find it darn expensive too! Also because as with music, I try to avoid the hype. Even if it's so hard!

Anyway, for affordable eye primers, I would recommend:
Below 200

Below 200
Expensive, yes, but because it is also a concealer primer, plus there are available SETS online that offer great value, I included this too. :)

Check out my review of this product on this link.

Beauty Question 13
"ive been a lurker of your blog and when you decided to giveaway a sigma brush, i dont want to let this sweet opportunity pass up.
you know im already beyond my teen years and yet i still get zits. those painful cystic ones. no matter how much i spend of good dermatologists and medicines, they are still there occasionally though. suffice it to say i have accepted the fact that i may not have a perfect clear skin and i hhave fully embrace this flaw.
but my question is about lippies. im a simple gal..too simple since i hardly put anything on my face except for a mineral make up foundie, curl my lashes and my ever trusted aquafina lipbalm.
i hate makes my lips dry..maybe i havent found a great formulation that will not accentuate the lines on my lips.
ive tried lancome fruity tubes, yuck! they are too sticky as well as the keihls lip gloss.
ive been lemming for the bobbi brown in soft coral. heres the problem, im not sure if coral will suit my skintone and personality.
what colors of lippies should a girl have on her kikay kit? i want to invest on colors that will enhance my look.
im thinking of a matte red, a pink hue and a coral shade too.
but im rather adamant abt the pink, i think its just a fad. but some guru says that it makes people look younger.
do you think those 3 shades are enough? red one for a special occasion, pink or coral for work and social events/everyday make uup look? ohh by the way, not a fan of a nude lipstick.
any suggestion what brand? im thinking of getting nyx instead of those mighty expensive bobbi brown eh
more power and hope to hear from you.)"

May I just say thank you. Thank you for such a well thought of question. When I said I wanted a challenge, boy youw ere the type I had in mind. 

Let me answer you stacatto style to make sure I don't miss out on anything. If I do though, please don't hesitate to alarm me in the comments :)

Re: your zits problem, I did share some zit-preventive tips on my first batch of answers. Please do check it out here on this link.

Now on your beauty question, I hope it won't be too much to say that you came to the right person. I love lipsticks so much and to help you, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you past features showing swatches of my lipstick hauls (hoping it would help you look for the color that would suit your personality). :)

  • Be Sun-Kissed

  • Beauty Awards: Marry Me Lips.

  • Lip-Crazed

  • I shared with you three swatches of my favorite lipsticks falling under your red, pink and coral category. If you really wish to just take those three shades as an essential to your kit, these finds should be your choice. As you can see, the color pay-off is outstanding and definitely hard-to-miss.

    Let me share one thing. Back in college, I took Journalism in UP, we had an assignment which dealt in featuring FASHION. Now trust me, especially as a college student, fashion is completely strange to this girl so let me just say I did not ace that! However, in the course of our discussion, my professor did share an experience she had while working for one the country's top-selling magazines. 

    She said, she used to believe that she need only one shade of lipstick, one that would perfectly match her features, lifestyle and personality, and she's good to go. But later on, as she went deeper into the beauty industry, she realized that lipsticks are jeans to women. Yes, you do need one perfect shade, like a little black dress, but you shouldn't survive with just one. Lipsticks can completely give a look an overhaul, from being sweet to dramatic. So personally, I do applaud you with your essential choices as I also think those shades are the important ones... but I hope you don't limit yourself in exploring more colors as you go.

    I believe that when it comes to lipsticks, there aren't rules. Unlike foundations, blushes and moreso, eye shadows, your lipsticks can be the most rebellious part of your kikay tower. Age does not matter. Although it's true that red lipstick can make one look older, if you choose the right shade, perhaps a bright cherry red, it won't be a surprise if you look younger instead. Play it up! But again, for your question, yes your shade choices are great. I would recommend including a nude/earth-toned shade so you have something to wear with your rare smokeys. Also, if your lips tend to get dry, kindly avoid mattes. Go for lipsticks with added moisture-benefits. If you can, try to go for lippies that are made of natural ingredients as it's also possible that your lips don't mix well with chemicals present in common lip swipes.

    Beauty Question 14
    "My question is: What product would you recommend to exfoliate oily and sensitive skin?
    Follow-up questions are: Can I use clay mask?"

    Sorry but I haven't tried clay mask, and by the sound of it I think I wouldn't try it too. to exfoliate oily and sensitive skin, I would suggest an all natural product formulated to balance and even oily and combination skin.

    Beauty Question 15
    "What's the best eyeshadow color for wedding makeup? thanks!"

    Bridal make-up is almost always about delicate and subtle tones emphasizes the bride's natural flair. I would recommend Nyx' Nude on Nude palette as it has everything you'd need in one box.

    Beauty Question 16
    "miss kumiko can I ask what's the best stress reliever? Masks or Eye Patches? Since school is starting again I have a great feeling that I would get stressed :))"

    I am all for masks. Eye patches are great but there's something so refreshing and relaxing about chilling out with skin-nourishing face masks on. :) Don't stress school. Enjoy it. Take it from someone who misses it! 

    Beauty Question 17
    "here's my question: since my eyes r monolids, how will i do an eye popping colors if i have limited lid space to work on.. i want to do something like detailed deep creasing but with this small lid how can i make a dupe for this..
    Thanks and God Bless.. :)"

    Monolids are challenging because simply put, there's not much area to work with. I would suggest playing it up with bright pastels as this will work well in brightening your eyes up. 

    Another common mistake is the use of dark liners. Although lining your eyes can make your eyes look bigger (because you draw on the eyes and intentionally make it look wider by lining a little bit thicker than what is expected, admit it! :D Cause I do that.), please remember that dark colors make your features recede, while light colors make things pop. 

    White eyeliner makes eyes look bigger.
    To prove, why not compare how my eye looks with a white eyeliner and black eyeliner, next photo.
    Since we're already working with little area, I would suggest you use a white eyeliner on your tightline instead. If you can't resist it, line your upperline with a fun-colored liner like blue, preferably liquid, best if you are willing to explore glitter. Make sure you use a light hand and apply subtle strokes only. Just try to shape your eyes naturally. The colors would make your eyes look more alive. 

    I just recently posted an eye make-up guide but it doesn't really apply to monolid. Sharing it still because the pastels I used for this will look youthful and refreshing on monolids. TIP: Do not close your eyes when applying your defining shade (the darker one) unto your crease. I like applying it while my eyes are open so I can really see where I should apply some color for a brightening pop!

    Beauty Question 18
    "ano po magandang gamitin pang removed ng pimple scar sa face or ung may dark spot.. the best po ba ung peel sa mga skin clinic, advisable pa po ba ang chemical peel? ano po ba mas ok.."

    I have my pimple-tips on my first batch of answers. To view, visit this link. I might have already mentioned the help you needed to hear. :) On removing scars and dark spots, you can do so by either peeling (hope the link references I have below would help you!) and of course whitening.

    I used L'oreal to even out dark spots, my war spoils in my fight against pimples, eeek. L'oreal White Perfect and Nivea UV Blocker saved me. 

    On peeling however, let me just say it's a slow, slightly painful but worthwhile experience. Sharing with you my experience on Clinically-done Chemical peels on this link.If my experience (and "food-for-though" freaked you out, here's my feature on safe home-peeling recommendations: link.

    Beauty Question 19
    "Miss K, I want to ask a question about large pores.. What can I do about it? I already came in terms in my face being an oily type but the large pores are a bit of a problem for me. Can you give me any tips how to minimize or hide these enormous pores? Thank you and more power to you! =)"

    Hi! Please check out my answer to Beauty Question 3 on this link.

    But for a refresher, you might also want to cover your pores using a pore minimizing cream or concealer. I would recommend Dr. Brandt Skincare pores no more(R) to go. Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow swears by it also. :)

    Look this fine.

    Beauty Question 20
    "My beauty question is how to eliminate freckles. I am a mestiza and 25 years old. Since I was grade 4 i noitice my freckles in face, so what I did is using creams such as ponds and peeling toner. But still I am having them and they keep on showing. What should I do? Can you suggest a good brand ?"

    First let us talk about the nature of your freckles? Is it genetic? Because if it is I would graciously suggest you not to fight it but to embrace it. There are lots of beauties out there who have pretty freckles on their faces/bodies. I think freckles can be your identifier too! (Also because if it's hereditary, it would be pointless to fight it because, again, it's you)

    However, if your freckles are caused by sun damage, try to practice a superb SPF-regimen. Lots of SPF50 products are now available for the face while the body can pretty much get away with more especially with sunscreen going as high as SPF130!

    If you really insist, try Human Heart Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oil. I have experienced its wonders on minimizing scars, maybe you can vouch for its freckle-repairing effects. I'd love to know! :)

    There you go! Hope you all enjoyed this batch! Thank you again to all who joined!

    For my answers to questions 1 to 10, please visit this link.
    If you haven't joined yet, you may still interact with me and get a chance of winning a Sigma brush. Mechanics here: link.



    1. because of that, i will try it nooooow!! :D thanks for answering Kumi.. God Bless u more!! Im so happy for u,swear!

    2. wow! so informative miss kumiko! :D

    3. you're great! i really admire you..
      more power & god bless!

    4. Thanks for your very detailed answers. I told my sister in law but she still believes about scratching leads to stretchmarks. She used to be pregnant, and she never scratched herself...well not that badly. She is pregnant again, so she's bring really catious about scratching

    5. Forgot to mention is that I LOVE Adele. Loved her for years now, but my favorite song got to be Don't You Remember


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