January Birthday Giveaway

Someone's turning 25 again this year :) and naturally a giveaway is at hand. :)

1. This contest is open for my Facebook followers only so go connect with me now (here's the link)! For Philippine residents only. You should also add the birthday girl because you should be able to tag her in your entry.
2. Post a your most naturally beautiful photo/beautiful picture with nature on my page's wall.  Tag 11 friends on your photo entry (11 for 2011! :p). Don't forget to Tag Mira on your entry. To tag her, just add her up and she'd approve it. :p You can post your photo entry and to follow na lang ung pag-tag since she might not be able to approve your friend request agad-agad. :) She wants your photos on her wall too eh :)

As caption, write this:
Be naturally beautiful all-year round. Live a beautiful life everyday. Win prizes c/o www.lovingsunshine.com @ http://bit.ly/gpbzY1

You may also share the story behind your photo entry, for fun! I'd appreciate it! :)

3. Contest starts today and closes on January 29. Winner announcement is on the 30th, which is Ms. Mira's birthday! Winner will be announced on my Facebook page so please don't forget to visit the page, you might have won already! You don't want to miss that! Winners have seven days from the announcement of winners to claim their prizes. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited to a different entry. 
4. No particular categories for judging... simply, the winner would be the best photo choice of our birthday girl :p
5. No limits on the number of photo entries but you can't tag the same 11 friends on a different photo entry.

Sample photo entries c/o the birthday girl:

Prizes: Complete set of Human Heart Nature products, our select favorites! :)
(From left to right: 500ml Kids ♥ Nature Shampoo and Body Wash, 500ml Human ♥ Nature Moisturizing Shampoo and Body Wash Aloe Vera, Egg White and Mandarin, 500ml Human ♥ Nature Moisturizing Conditioner Avocado and Seaweed with Mandarin Scent, 100ml Human ♥ Nature Moringa Facial Wash and Toner for dry and/or mature skin, 100ml Organic Facial Wash Aloe Vera and Guava for oily skin, 50ml Citronella DEET-FREE bug spray, 50ml TRICLOSAN-FREE Lemongrass Pocket Soap)

Ever since we discovered Human Nature, life has been better! They have the most affordable all-natural products which I have proven and tested to be super effective and of good quality.
Those interested to learn more about Human ♥ Nature, you can just message me on Facebook! I'd be glad to share with you my product recommendations to target your problem areas: dry flaky skin, falling hair, stretchmarks, allergic reactions to cosmetics, etc! You may also email me here.

Thank you very much! Good luck to every one who'd join! Hope you all have fun and we're looking forward to receiving your entries!


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This contest is an independent random idea we concocted since we're all feeling generous here. :)


  1. is it ok if I post a photo with many friends? For example: a long shot of the waterfalls in Sagada (Big Falls), so no close-ups. Thanks

  2. Hi! What would you recommend for my falling hair? I'm really very concerned now about this. My hair is already thinning. If this goes on, I think I'll be bald in 2 years' time (heaven forbid!). I've tried several products but to no avail. I haven't tried any of the Human Nature hair products. Where can i buy them?

  3. Hi! I can totally relate to what you're going through. I myself went to that phase especially when I was starting to grow my hair. I have weak scalp and brittle hair so together, that's a lot of hair loss. Anyway, I would definitely recommend with you Human Heart Nature's Strengthening Shampoo and Body Wash (neat right!) and It's partner Strengthening Conditioner. Peppermint scent so it's also minty on the scalp, and senses. I love it because when I tried it, it dramatically reduced my hairfall. like when I shower, I don't have much pulled hair anymore! In three days, I saw results. Continuously, I stopped worrying about hairfall. You can buy Human Heart Nature products from me. Here's my mail if you have more questions: kumikomae@lovingsunshine.com


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