My Bleeding Charm Stippling Brush :(

My Charm Stippling Brush
Don't get me wrong, I love my Charm brushes. Among them all, (I have the Charm Travel Pro V.2, Retractable Kabuki Brush, and Mini Buki) I love my Charm Stippling Brush the most simply because I'm a sucker for the "airbrush" effect which is easily achievable with a stippling brush/technique.

However... not only did I experience sucky shedding with my Charm Stippling Brush, the ferrule also got loose too soon (I just got it last December 2010 first week but second week of January 2011 I had to secure the ferrule using mighty bond already :( so depressing, truly... hay); but also, for the nth time, I noticed that the black bristles were bleeding. At first I thought it's just an effect that can be mistaken as bleeding but really just wet white fiber bristles reflecting the black hairs on the brushes... however, tonight I couldn't just brush it off once again. I checked it using a towel, and bam. the sad truth,. It is bleeding. It sort of scares me a little.. I'm bothered a lot.

I'm bothered because, do I also put that black bleeding shade/paint on my face when I put make-up?

Photos below

Good photo first: see how great the look I achieved using my Charm Stippling Brush? I look so fresh and smooth and youthful! :)

Proof of bleeding...

I use mild all-organic baby shampoo on my brushes so it baffled me how it can cause such bleeding. Compared to my Etude House Mini-Stippling Brush and my Marionnaud's Powder Fluff Brush, there's no bleeding. These brushes have black bristles too but no bleeding, so it's really weird why Charm Stippling Brush bleeds like that. :(

Close-up of the bleeding... huhu
I guess tonight's discovery makes my rating of Charm Stippling Brush a little bit shaky. I still love it because it can get and dispense product so effectively! But... I don't think it's the type of brush that would last long. Not with a loose ferrule and not with that kind of shedding and bleeding.

Charm brushes are sold here.


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  1. haha!
    i know what you mean about doing bad much as possible i try to avoid it din e..

    anyway, in that case, then i guess you can just invest in mac stippling brush since you said that you love the airbrushed look & with mac you can be sure that it will last for years & years.

  2. annyong! :D can i use etude house's stippling brush for bb creams?

  3. Hi Erika! Definitely, you can! :D


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