Realize your worth everyday!

So the holiday season's over and I'm still hung up by how I beat up my wallet/bank account from all the shopping that happened! Funny though, for the first time really, I don't feel guilty by my too much spending (for myself part). I feel so worth all the things I got!

Funny, cause there's actually a Facebook Application that espouses that "You're Worth It" attitude... of course, I installed it on my Facebook! I'm so excited for the everyday affirmations I'd be getting through this wonderful application--moreso, I'm excited to share my daily affirmations with my friends... because they're worth it too!

I encourage you to install the application too, visit here. By doing so, it would be easier for you to realize your worth everyday! What makes it even better is your friends would see it and you know what they say, happiness shared is happiness doubled!

What makes it really awesome is this: by installing the application on your Facebook account, you get the chance to win fabulous prizes from L'oreal! Well, I think I've given enough reasons :) Install the application now and make someone (yourself included) smile!



  1. Nice website Butterfly KiSS$$SSEs..


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