Product Review: L'oreal White Perfect


MISSION: Review Effectivity
SUBJECT: L'oreal Paris White Perfect
START: Started Nov. 6, 2010 (Pls visit the link)
END: Indefinite. I'm still using the product, my reason's below for you to witness.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?

BELOW is a photo of me taken Dec. 8, 2010. Yes, that's a month from starting date however, I swear by all gods, I will upload unedited pictures for this review... and the Dec. 8, 2010 is the "closest to starting date and farthest from present date" raw photo that I have.

PHOTO DETAILS: wearing basic Mineral Make-up, so you're informed that yes, there's make-up on my face, but no, nothing overpowering my skin tone. Basically, I'm wearing sheer "no make-up" make-up look. sigh of relief... it would been really frustrating if the raw photo I have is too loaded with make-up!

MORE PHOTO DETAILS: photo is taken using your basic point and shoot Canon digicam, super makro: on, no flash. Lighting is just your basic indoor lighting as affected by my room's purple walls.

BELOW is a photo of me taken earlier today, around 2-3pm.

PHOTO DETAILS: wearing make-up, yes: BB balm for the skin specifically. BB Balm used is the type that leaves a sheer finish so skin tone, also not affected.

MORE PHOTO DETAILS: photo is taken using your basic point and shoot Canon digicam, super makro: on, no flash. Lighting is just your basic office lighting as affected by the office's white walls.

BELOW is a side by side photo of my before & after shots, for you to compare... edited only for layouting purposes. Photos left untouched as the solo uploads above--and by untouched I mean no editing with brightness, contrast, levels, curves, etc. Only "edit" conducted on the photo is basic cropping and layering of site watermark. :)

 WARNING... I will stop this robotish blogging language and start raving... hehe

Oh my god! L'oreal White Perfect is SUPER EFFECTIVE! Now I can enjoy more shades of lipsticks!!! haha Seriously though, that's what made me happiest with the success of this product testing. I'm not really a fan of fair skin, but I have to admit, mestizas have more freedom when it comes to (especially to) the range of lip shades they can use. Eh I'm a lipstick lover talaga... so I'm so so so happy that L'oreal White Perfect is TRULY an EFFECTIVE Whitening Product!

Would you believe I have yet to finish my tub??? A little of it definitely goes a long way! Given that I did stop using L'oreal Paris for around two weeks last December because I was sick then was hospitalized, my consumption of the product vis-a-vis it's effectivity is definitely proportional--if not a complete steal! I definitely recommend L'oreal White Perfect to anyone who wish to have fairer skin.

The greatest thing about it??? It is everything you need in one: SPF, Moisturizer and Whitening! So amazing. I hope L'oreal continue making (and improving) their L'oreal White Perfect line!

Speaking... did you know that all I used was the L'oreal White Perfect Day Cream??? Gosh, I wonder how much more effective it would've been if I used the entire line?!

Ahh... glad to have finally shared that with you guys. I really restrained myself. I didn't want to release a product review na hilaw sa info.

Hope I enLIGHTENED you ;p


It's sooo definitely worth it!

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  1. Like it! I'm looking for whitening creams pa naman! :) yey

  2. nice! i think you just convinced me to try this out. :)

  3. wow! amazing... I'll try this one


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