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To me there are two kinds of people: those who think and those who feel.

On my Bell de Jour Power Planner, I have among my pending tasks this: "Feelings > Facts", written exactly that way, as an inequality.

Almost two years ago, I was still playing Sorority Life on Facebook and if you have been playing at the same period as I was, then you would've probably heard of my "sorority house" called SPF (Sidney Prince Foundation), named after my Sorority Queen counterpart, Sidney Prince. Yes, I am the third most influential (internationally, serious!) and voted for down the catwalk. Yes, I am the House Mom of one of the most influential Sorority Houses on Sorority Life. Yes, I have bid my sisters goodbye. I became too busy and unable to handle a cyber Sorority Queen life where believe it or not, I did have to mediate between sisters, between houses, launch activities, events, host parties and discussions, etc.

I shared that because right now I feel like I miss my sisters, those cyber sisters who comforted me during the time of Ondoy. Those who I got to talk to about guys who harass me on buses when I go home real late from school or work. I feel like I miss my cyber sisters who treat me like a friend, even for a brief moment, even for such a superficial level. I have friends, real life few friends I know I cant count on. I just feel like I miss my cyber sisters, friends I can count on for a while, and not feel guilty of bothering real late at night because on their timezone, it's not really a bother.

Hm, I probably just wish I were alone with you again at a place where nobody really knows our name.

There are two kinds of people: those who want to remember things and those who want to remember feelings.

Right now, I can't remember how many steps it took for me to reach Kiltepan, nor do I even remember how many times I had to cross a hanging bridge. I can't remember what time I slept in the afternoon, or did I even? But I remember how it feels to wake up at 4 in the morning. I remember how it feels like to hear insects in the dark. I remember how it feels like to watch movies on Star Movies through a teeny-tiny CRT TV, while in your arms.

I kinda miss that international feeling.


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  1. Such an emotional post! I, too, consider myself as a person who remember feelings. :)

  2. Sometimes I mistake myself for the one who remember things, since I do remember a lot of details, usually the seemingly nonsense details that others easily forget. But now that I think about it, I remember these things to relive my emotions in that particular moment. So I’m both! :)


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