Skin Healing Story and Tip

To those who didn't know...

I was sick last Christmas 2010...

And yes, to explain the scribbles on the photo before this particular one...

My dog pounced on me!!!

She was just being playful but since her nails were not groomed at that time, I got THAT!

It made me miss the days when she was just cute and tinyyy...

Because of the incident, I missed the days when she actually sleeps on my bed, in my room.

But anyway, just sharing that here's the progress of my scar. I use Human Heart Nature's Body Butter in Mango scent. It's effective on all sort of scarring--I guess the deep intensive moisturizing effect the body butter commits really help heal the skin. If you have scars like mine and even stretchmarks, you know what to do. Email me at

It's never too late to have great-looking skin.
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  1. I should have used that pala when I got a lot of gasgas similar to that on my legs because of frisbee. Hehehe. Now I know what to do the next time I get them :D thanks for sharing!


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